Stories for September 2000


Saturday, September 30

The life and times of Grizzly Adams


He was a man on the run who befriended a grizzly bear in the wilderness. Thus, he came to be called Grizzly Adams, and the story was good enough for a television series, The Life and Time of Grizzly Adams.

Trainer teaches running from Start to Finish


Jogger Valerie Marsh has every intention of participating in the Town of Payson's annual Turkey Trot 5K Walk/Run Nov. 18.

The opposite of chick flicks


A few months ago, I wrote a column about "chick flicks," those overly sentimental movies like "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Steel Magnolias" that some women, I innocently deduced, seem to prefer.

Learn about interest before signing on the dotted line


We scoff when we see people in a movie lined up behind a traveling medicine man's wagon to pay him for a worthless product.

Potluck uncovers a new twist on carrots


Here is the recipe I think everyone should keep in their files: Four Essentials for Living

Thursday, September 28

Helen Fortney

Helen Dorothy Fortney, 96, of Cottonwood, Ariz. died Sept. 24, 2000. She was born April 7, 1904, in Rose Creek, Minn. to Charles and Carrie (Dahle) Ballweber.

How can we walk away from this?

The following story from the book Small Miracles is told by Greg O'Leary:

Primerica opens in Payson

Primerica Financial Services, the largest financial services marketing organization in North America, has expanded into Payson.

Supreme Court asks for added transcript in Haught appeal

The Arizona Supreme Court is still weeding through the stacks of case notes from the trial of Roy George Haught, and, according to Gila County Attorney Jerry DeRose, the final ruling could still be months away.

Reservation a haven where 'regulations' don't apply

God bless Carlos Lopez and the Tonto Apache Tribe for providing a home for Tess and Freddie.

Identity of dead inmate released

Globe authorities identified the Payson resident who was found dead in his jail cell Monday as 52-year-old Lawrence Bud Blalock.

Few options for Payson's homeless

If you want to know about the options available for Payson's homeless, the man to query is Rick Croy.

Pine water source suspect in illnesses

Approximately 20 people who dined at two Pine restaurants in the past week are experiencing vomiting, diarrhea and headaches and one of the area's water supplies is suspected of having something to do with it.

Hot dog! Tess & Freddie now wiener magnates

There's a new outdoor eating establishment in town, and its managers have brainstormed their own commercial slogan:

Back to Basics undergoing a not-so-basic expansion

Back to Basics in now in the middle of a not-so-basic expansion.

Ladies in waiting for Conley invite

Only time will tell if the championship effort turned in Saturday in Lakeside was good enough to earn the Lady Longhorns an invitation to one of the state's most prestigious regular season cross country meets.

Sentencing postponed again for admitted police shooter

Lenny Kizzar of Payson will wait another two weeks to find out how long he'll spend in the Arizona Department of Corrections.

High schools missing chance to teach important civic lesson

It's widely accepted that only about 50 percent of eligible voters in this country vote in the national elections for president and members of Congress.

Lightning fries phone lines, hangs up firms

A lightning strike Tuesday severed Payson's telecommunications links with the outside world, leaving residents and business operators stranded without long-distance telephone service and Internet connections.

Athletes pool their resources for Payson Special Olympics

In a society that often places too much significance on status, appearance and self gratification, Special Olympics provides some perspective on what's really important in life.

AIMS up, but still falling short

Test scores put graduation in jeopardy for some Payson juniors

Payson High School students scored slightly above the state average on the latest AIMS test, but large majorities still failed the math and writing sections.

High school play has a super hero here, super hero there

It's called O. MacDonald's Farm, and there's even an E.I.E.I.O., but when the Payson Drama Club takes the stage for its first production of the year, don't expect a barnyard melodrama.

Cougars scratch past Lady Horns

The toughest rivalry of the year for the Payson High School varsity girls' soccer team once again pitted the Longhorns against the scrappy Show Low Cougars this week in Payson.

Sprinkle leads Horns at Blue Ridge

They might not be the among the most talented cross country teams in the East region, but the Wes Sprinkle-led Longhorn runners always manage to show up and give a good accounting of themselves.

Conservative views not shared by all seniors

In response to the article featuring Ruby Finney, I would like to take exception to her claim to speak for all the senior citizens in the town of Payson. I am a senior and live in Payson, having moved into town full-time in 1993, the same year as Mrs. Finney, after owning a summer residence in the Rim country for 30 years.

Jim Hazel is clear choice for county attorney

I am writing to urge the voters of Payson to recognize that they finally have a choice when choosing the next Gila County attorney. Our choice is between Rim country resident Jim Hazel and Jerry DeRose.

Alchesay a worthy foe for homecoming

For most prep football coaches, homecoming games are major pains in the backsides. Oh, some may not admit it for fear of offending alumni and students who often relish the week-long festivities.

Fire chief blazed trails for Christopher-Kohl's

Ray Larsen resigned as fire chief for the Christopher-Kohl's Fire Department Sept. 15 after more than five years of service as chief.

Monday, September 25

Jayvees hold on against RV Elks

Surviving a spirited second half comeback in which they outscored 27-8, the Longhorn jayvees (4-0) stayed unbeaten. whipping the homestanding Round Valley Elks 34-27.

Lady Mavs remain demons of the diamond

While the seventh- and eighth-grade Middle School Maverick football teams are gaining reputations for their butt-kicking abilities, the seventh-grade girls' softball team is also becoming known for one opponents would rather not face.

Proposition 106 redraws rules for mapping election boundaries

It's called "gerrymandering," a word formed by combining the name of former Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry and the word "salamander."

Payson man found dead in Globe jail

A Payson inmate serving a sentence in the Globe jail was found dead in his cell shortly after breakfast Tuesday morning.

Housing rehab helping families

Your roof is leaking, the kitchen sink is continually stopped up and, as winter approaches, your heating system is on the fritz all minor repairs that are just a little more than your minimum wage income can bear.

Study: Rodeo rustles up $825,000 for area economy

The World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo pumps more than $800,000 through the local economy, according to a study just completed by the Arizona Hospitality Research and Resource Center at Northern Arizona University.

23-year-old wins state fiddle title

And the winner of the 30th Old Time Fiddlers' Contest is ... 23-year-old Jesse Stockman of Buckeye.

Pro-lifers must raise voices in protest

Thank you for your (editorial) on parental consent. It is excellent, and right on target.

Dirt bikers driving around 'road closed' sign

The sign says "road closed." Apparently this doesn't include dirt bikes, ATVs and the most recent addition to our noisy neighborhood, a sand rail.

Take the high road in fire board election

Well, it's fire board election time again and in Mesa del (Caballo), that's pretty serious stuff. What do fire board members do? In brief, they take an oath before a judge and swear to uphold the laws of the state.

Hey Mr. Vice President, what you got for me?

I cast my first vote in 1932 at the age of 22. As a dewy-eyed young person, I prepared for my vote by listening very carefully to every word and every promise made by the candidates in their campaign speeches.

Right to choose best left to teen mother

We want our children to get appropriate driver's ed before they get driver's licenses; we want them to get good jobs to prepare for adulthood; the list of things we want for our kids can go on and on.

Ohlingers to celebrate 50th

Kelsey and Bennie Ohlinger were married Oct. 8, 1950, in Port Hueneme, Calif.

Fiftieth reunion brings forgotten faces into focus


You can go home again. You can even turn back the calendar and be 18 again.

Middle school Mavs remain undefeated

The Middle School Maverick seventh grade football team continued its undefeated winning streak against Show Low last week and now has its sights set on the toughest match of the year as they prepare to play Round Valley Wednesday.

Al Gore is President Clinton's understudy

This is my personal opinion about Vice President (Al) Gore. Chervront, who was also a delegate four years ago in Chicago, said there may never be another politician like Clinton, and I for one sure hope not.

High school high jinx usher in homecoming

All of the high jinx and hoopla of homecoming is now unfolding at Payson High School, and it will continue through Friday night's varsity football game against the White Mountain Reservation's Alchesay High School.

'Charlie's Angels' first to flit across new silver screen

Curtain up! Light the lights! Starting Nov. 3, you've got nothing to hit but the heights!

Garden springs from single rose

High Country Garden Club holding fall tour this weekend

When JoAnne Chilcoat and her husband, Lew Robertson, moved to the Rim country from Cave Creek seven years ago, JoAnne figured the time to pursue her dormant interest in gardening was finally at hand.

Emily Beers

Emily May Beers, 73, of Star Valley, died Sept. 23, 2000, in Payson. She was born Oct. 12, 1926, in Galveston, Texas to Homer and Sadie Wheeless, and lived in Texas, California, Utah and other areas of Arizona before moving to Payson.

Gilbert Corzine

Gilbert Leroy Corzine, 85, of Payson, died Sept. 22, 2000. He was born Aug. 3, 1915, in Dongola, Ill. to Emory and Phoebe Dillow Corzine. He married Mildred Woodard in May 1941.

Speers celebrate 50th

A celebration was held Aug. 26 at Mountain Bible Church for Bill and Norma Speer's 50th wedding anniversary.

Dollars don't measure full value of rodeo

For several years, a debate has raged over the value of rodeo to the Rim country.

Motorcycle riders open to alternatives

I've written my opinions and answered the allegations of those complaining.

Neighbor's death an awakening for town

I am the neighbor who missed seeing Mr. Michael Kemmer around the neighborhood and, reported it last week to the Payson Police Department.

Marrs is out of this world ... despite lunch

"You just have to do a story on Rowena Marrs," gushed one of Marrs' bosses within the Town of Payson's Parks and Recreation Department. "She's really a breath of fresh air."

Cheer on the PHS runners at Sludge to Judge meet

Wouldn't it be great for our school and community to have a huge crowd show up Friday afternoon on Main Street for the Sludge to the Judge cross country event?

Teams sought for annual cop golf meet

Each fall for 15 years, local law enforcement officers have spent their precious off-duty hours to play host to the Christmas for Kids Benefit Golf Tournament.

Horns beaten by Round Valley, prepare for homecoming clash

The Payson Longhorns' hope for a top-four East region finish and a seed into the season-ending state tournament took a huge hit Friday evening in Eagar.

Saturday, September 23

An afternoon encounter with the past and an ouzel


It is autumn again, and summer has been put on the shelf for another year. These are the days I want to don my hiking boots and explore the historic nooks of the Rim country.

Local musician helps make beautiful music


Many residents and visitors to the Rim country have become familiar with singer, songwriter and performer John Carpino, but few realize the huge number of songwriters from around the world who turn to John in hopes of capitalizing on the abundance of his musical knowledge, talent and natural gifts.

Become the 'wise one' of your village


The "How To" book market is alive and strong after decades of rivaling the fiction market for the top of bestsellers' lists.

Disguise's the limit for local cell towers


An increasingly common practice in larger towns is disguising the growing number of ugly cell towers to look like something else, something that blends in with the local streetscape or landscape.

Getting your children into the kitchen


Teachers in a day school in Scottsdale often tried to find projects for their preschool students to do with their hands, to keep them busy.

Thursday, September 21

Condition of Green Valley Park deserves attention

Green Valley Lake Park is a wonderful asset to the Town of Payson. People of all ages use it for a variety of activities.

Sentencing delayed for convicted police shooter

It will be another week before Lenny Kizzar of Payson finds out how long he'll spend in the Arizona Department of Corrections.

Knock and Talk leads to 7 arrests

Agents practice nonintrusive investigations

A casual visit by agents from the Gila County Narcotics Task Force led to the arrest of seven suspects on various drug charges Wednesday night.

FCC helps phone customers hold line against long-distance slammers

Payson resident Maureen Brotcke said the time had come to switch long-distance telephone companies.

Taking on Town Hall

Senior stands guard as government watchdog

Ruby Finney is not your typical senior citizen. "I tried knitting one time, but I never did finish it. I think I did half a sleeve," she said.

Accident stops traffic in front of Wal-Mart

Just as traffic was picking up Wednesday afternoon along the Beeline Highway, an accident in front of the Wal-Mart Supercenter brought it to a screeching halt.

English-only education fair and forward

Imagine for a moment that you decide to pack up your children and move to France to live for the rest of your lives.

Searching for a noise solution in Star Valley

Regarding the comments from Michelle Worth of Pine in the (Sept. 15) Roundup about noise, trash and motorcycles in Star Valley: I agree with her that the children need a place to have fun and ride their bikes.

Motorcycle enthusiasts have a right to ride

Bravo! Michelle Worth is obviously a very intelligent lady.

Martial arts is about peace through power

Re: the article about the karate championship in the Aug. 29 Roundup: Anyone who is a true student of the martial arts knows that the underlying premise in learning these skills is self-discipline and control and inner harmony. Yet, no where in your article was this mentioned.

'Miracle child' battling cancer's return

Some miracles last longer than others. The most recent one experienced by Ashley Allen a brain scan that showed her "clear" of cancerous tumors was short-lived.

State's best to vie for top fiddle

After spending most of the week entertaining in Rim country schools and nursing homes, Arizona's finest fiddlers are ready to compete for the state championship this weekend at the 30th Annual Old Time Fiddlers' Contest.

Girls fall to FH, regroup for match against Blue Ridge

The Payson High School varsity girls volleyball team moves into a schedule that includes some of their toughest opponents of the season, but the players and coach feel the team has recently gained much needed experience that could lead them to some big wins.

Mavericks softball ends season with high hopes

Superior hitting, fielding and pitching highlighted the eighth-grade Mavericks softball match with Show Low Wednesday, providing yet another boost in confidence as the Payson girls move toward closing out their regular season and set their sights on a very promising postseason of play.

Payson, Round Valley lock horns in crucial match

Still reeling from the effects of last week's 14-7 upset loss to St. Johns, the Payson High School football team will try to regain its winning ways this evening (Friday) against Round Valley in Eagar.

Man riding across America in search of understanding


The other day Lynnie called me from Creekside and told me that a man had ridden up to the restaurant, tied his horse to a tree, walked in and ordered a meal.

Jack's attack successful on the field

No official records have been kept, but it's almost a certainty that Jack Morris is the winningest junior varsity coach in the history of Payson High School football.

Mavericks blank Show Low 48-0

It looked like the eighth-grade Mavericks football team might have finally found a competitor. That was in the first half. Second-half action, however, served as a lesson to Show Low why Payson is quickly gaining a reputation as bruisers.

Boys soccer down, but not out

Despite dropping a nonconference game to St. Johns Wednesday, the Longhorn soccer team has been on a winning streak which lifted them to 2-1 in conference play and 4-5 overall.

Robert Kellogg

Robert Everett Kellogg, 70, of Payson died Sept. 19, 2000, in Payson.

Shirley Dunny

Shirley Ann Dunny, 64, of Payson, died Sept. 19, 2000, in Phoenix.

Lorne Cory

Lorne John Cory, 86, of Payson, died Sept. 17, 2000, in Payson.

Rock Yard on a roll; expanding to Show Low

Steve Rogers decided to open The Rock Yard because he was having a hard time finding materials for his landscape contracting clients.

Making music on the installment plan

Making music has just become a little easier in the Rim country.

Tolerance is a two-edged sword

The truth is never out of date, and no one should be afraid of the truth. But if there is no such thing, then everyone needs to be afraid, for one person's truth today can be nullified by someone else's truth tomorrow.

High schoolers prone to manipulation by savvy survey takers

My thanks go out to Susan Grubbs for responding to my letter to the editor re: "Children 'may have the answer' to gun violence."

Vote for the person, not the party

As we draw nearer to election time, I realize how important it is for voters to have information on people running for office.

Monday, September 18

Norma Hawkins

Norma E. Hawkins, 86, of Payson, died Sept. 14, 2000, in Payson. She was born Aug. 24, 1914, in Oleoplis, Penn. She moved to Arizona in 1945 and has been a Payson resident since 1962.

Good neighbors keep their noise to themselves

In response to Michelle Worth of Pine's (Sept. 15 commentary), "noisy, bad motorcycles pest:" It is exactly what we think.

Long-dead resident discovered

Neighbors described Michael Kemmer as a slight recluse, a single man living with his dog and cat on Corral Drive.

Staveness leaves mark from moon to classroom

It may have been one small step for man. But on that day in 1969, when astronaut Neil Armstrong put his best foot forward on the lunar surface, it was a giant step for Ann Staveness.

Off-road riders spread word to be respectful

This letter is in response to a letter published in the (Sept. 12) Roundup informing Payson residents and readers of the "travesty" occurring in Star Valley with off-road riders and a piece of Forest Service land at the end of Moonlight Drive. I felt it proper to give view from one of those riders.

Air quality needs to be a priority

For many years, dust pollution has been increasing because of continuing approval of development in areas with unimproved road conditions. These are not subdivisions, but individually built homes.

Main Street vision comes into focus

After years of idle talk, Main Street redevelopment is finally taking shape.

Vandals hit all around Rim country

Officers from the Payson Police Department and the Gila County Sheriff's Department are investigating a crime spree Saturday evening that stretched from mid-Payson to Mesa del Caballo. "We had a pretty big rash of vandalism ... six or eight cases throughout town," Police Lt. Don Engler said.

Donald Gagnon

The Rev. Donald A. Gagnon, 84, of Payson, died Sept. 15, 2000, in Payson. He was born Aug. 7, 1916, in Worchester, Mass. He came to Arizona in 1947 to pastor Emory Park Baptist Church in Tucson.

Boys track crew finishes last at Alchesay meet

At the onset of the cross country season, coach Chuck Hardt predicted he would spend most of the campaign searching for enough talented runners to help the PHS boys team earn a top-four regional finish and the resulting berth into the state championships.

Local leaders rev up for new economy

Government and business leaders from rural communities around the state, including a large contingent from the Rim country, heard Arizona Governor Jane Hull promise a greater emphasis on their needs at the annual Rural Development Conference in Sedona this month.

Candy factory finds sweet spot on Main

Gollipops, a candy factory specializing in lollipops in north Payson, is working on a sweet relocation deal designed to keep the company in Payson and boost the town's downtown redevelopment project.

Paul Eskew, Jr.

Paul Martin Eskew Jr., 70, of Tonto Basin, died Sept. 15, 2000, in Payson. He was born Feb. 20, 1930, in Oroville, Calif. Mr. Eskew was a banker.

Exercise your brain to lose body fat


As I have said in the past, most people who work out want to win the battle with their waistline. And the older we get, the harder that battle becomes.

Crude speech can lead to rude behavior

One of life's great curiosities to me is the absurd fascination people have with crude language.

Fair judges pick best of bunch

The dust has settled at the Northern Gila County Fair in Pine and many a Rim country resident left the Pine Cultural Hall Sunday with an armful of ribbons and goodies.

Media polls disagree on Horns' abilities

Prior to Friday evening's 14-7 loss to Class 2A St. Johns, the state's pollsters were split on just how good the 2000 edition of the Longhorn football team was.

Mavericks conquer Whiteriver

After routing Whiteriver 50-6 last Thursday advancing the seventh grade Maverick football team to an undefeated 4-0 record the question on the minds of coach Ned Schall and assistant coach Dave Blalock is: "Is there anyone out there who can really compete with us?"

Horns fall to St. Johns Redskins

Payson's high-powered power option "O" that spewed out 75 points and 500 yards of total offense in two season-opening victories over Safford and Canyon State, sputtered to a halt Friday evening in a 14-7 upset loss to the St. Johns Redskins.

State meet possible for Lady Longhorns

A stellar showing at Saturday's Blue Ridge Invitational in Lakeside could earn the powerful Lady Longhorn cross country team a berth in one of Arizona's most prestigious meets.

Prop 102 rivals cloud wildlife ballot issue

In Michigan a little over a year ago, hunters and fishermen became worried about something they dubbed the Bambi Effect.

Saturday, September 16

The importance of the American vote


United States citizens, voting age adults, seek excitement, immediacy and quick responses. Action, everything from movies to video games to sporting events, grabs our attention.

A fiddling way of life


When Payson holds the Arizona Fiddler's Contest each September, it not only celebrates an honored tradition, but honors the traditional music brought to America from England, Scotland and Ireland. America was graced by the guitar from Mexico and Latin America, but it was the Anglo and Celtic pioneers who brought the fiddle.

Payson's own brand of 'Survivor'


I am sorry to report that there is yet another craze that needs to be brought to the Rim country, and remember, you saw it here first.

Easy recipes for when you need a quick meal


Payson is a popular place in the summer time, as those of us who have lived here for awhile will attest. We have become accustomed to having the kids and grandkids call and say, "Will you be home this weekend? We're driving up that way, and we thought we would stop by if you haven't planned anything else to do."

The art of the yard sale


On many Friday and Saturday mornings, Loren Johnson is a man with a mission. Rarely, however, does he know what that mission is.

Thursday, September 14

UN's charter for global democracy a dangerous plan

I have a concern that I believe will affect all Americans. On Sept. 6, world leaders met in New York City for a special millennium summit to discuss replacing the United Nation's 50-year-old charter with the new charter for global democracy.

Online newspaper makes reader feel at home

My name is Sarah Parsons. I grew up in Payson and moved out to California in August '96. I come online and read the Roundup to catch up on the things that are going on in Payson.

County fair a treat for all

Looking for some lapidary? Seen any good bromeliads lately? Checking out chutney for your table? You'll find all that and more this weekend at the Northern Gila County Fair in Pine.

Heating prices pushing skyward

With temperatures still hovering in the 90s, frost won't be forming on the pumpkins for a while, but even at this early date Rim country residents can plan on significantly higher heating bills this winter.

Council approves proposed rate hike

By the time the proposed water rate increase was reached on the agenda of a long and tedious meeting Thursday in Town Hall, the Payson Town Council and those few remaining in attendance seemed to have little energy left to debate its merits.

Armer shoots down McCarthy in showdown for sheriff's star

John Armer beat Dennis McCarthy Tuesday by nearly 1,000 votes in the Democratic primary for Gila County Sheriff, earning the right to run against Republican Art Stone in the general election Nov. 7.

Delays begin on SR 260

Construction delays of 5 to 15 minutes await motorists at two places along State Route 260 as construction gets under way on a 20-year program to widen 50 miles of that highway between Payson and Heber.

Americans too trusting in government

Thanks for the report about the two pioneering campers. We need more citizens like them. They are truly Americans. We are brainwashed, or rather brain-polluted, beyond our imagination by bureaucracy.

Lady Longhorns conquer Cougars

The Payson High School freshmen, JV and varsity volleyball teams swept Show Low Tuesday in Payson.


Joan and Bill Williams will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Sept. 16. The couple met in Phoenix and married Sept. 16, 1950. They lived and worked in the Phoenix area until 1989, when they moved to Pine.

Tribe hosts Pow Wow

Rim country residents and visitors can experience the color and excitement of a Native American tradition at the first annual Tonto Apache Tribal POW WOW, Sept. 29 through Oct. 1 at the Payson Event Center.


Community pride big at small fair

Our county fair has arrived. If you have never been to this fair where have you been? This is the very definition of our town.

Star Valley motorcycle riders getting bad rap

Noisy, bad motorcycle pests. It's not all you think.

Tontos tapped as top athletes

Track teams named Athletes of the Year by GC Games

One of the most unique decisions in the eight-year history of the Grand Canyon State Games unfolded last week when officials chose the Tonto Apache Track and Field teams as the organization's Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

PHS track star one of eight All-Americans from Arizona

A small-town Payson High School athlete turned in four of the state's best track and field performances during the 2000 spring sports season.

Football athletes score big during punt, pass, kick

More than 40 children participated in the Payson Parks and Recreation's Punt, Pass and Kick event last week at the multi-purpose field in Rumsey Park.

Downed line leaves 5,000 homes dark

Arizona Public Service officials suspect that a construction accident in the Airport Road widening zone cut power for several hours Tuesday to more than 5,000 Arizona Public Service customers throughout the Rim country

Team ropers rounding up money for Special Olympics

The Payson Law Enforcement Torch Run committee and the Cowboy Junction (Cowboy Church) are sponsoring a benefit team roping event Saturday to help raise money for local Special Olympic athletes.

Harold Kautz

Harold Louis Kautz, 85, of Payson, died Sept. 10, 2000. He was born Sept. 22, 1914, in Muscatine, Iowa. In 1936, while attending the University of Iowa, he met and married Ruth Duncan. They were happily married until her death in 1998.

Hermeina Shirley

Hermeina Julee Shirley, 76, formerly of Payson, died Sept. 9, 2000, at the Cortland Care Center in Cortland, N.Y., where she had resided since 1999. She was born July 3, 1924, in Philadelphia, Pa., the daughter of the late Arthur R. and Hermeina J. Handschumacher Shirley. She had been a resident of Cortland, N.Y. since 1990.

Consent for abortion is a parent's right

If my daughter, who is under 18, wants to have her ears pierced, I'll likely be required to sign a consent form. If she wants to get a tattoo, my consent is necessary for that, too, because she is a minor. Some abortion advocates, however, think she should be able to undergo an abortion without my consent.

Zumbro flying high after making the cut at AF academy

Former Payson High School two-sport star Bryan Zumbro has survived several roster cuts to make the United States Air Force Academy baseball team.

Campaign slogan looking like political spin

Three cheers and a big attaboy for your Friday, (Sept. 8) editorial.

Tuesday, September 12

Armer shoots down McCarthy in Democratic showdown for sheriff

John Armer beat Dennis McCarthy Tuesday by nearly 1,000 votes in the Democratic primary for Gila County Sheriff, earning the right to run against Republican Art Stone in the general election Nov. 7.

Monday, September 11

Forests set aside for everyone to enjoy

I am writing in support of the Forest Service personnel who had the unpopular job of evicting Tess Johnson and her son from their forest homestead. It is the job of the Forest Service to enforce the laws of our forests and it is not left up to their discretion to be selective as to who should obey them.

School camp turns students into CHAMPS

All of the fifth-grade students at Frontier Elementary School, all 74 of them, recently spent two days at camp learning how to acquire and model the peer skills that will help them and others become loyal friends, resist negative influences and handle stress.

Proposition 203 putting bilingual education to test

Proposition 203 would scrap bilingual education in Arizona and require immigrant children still learning English to attend a one-year English immersion program.

Sawmill loses restaurant, but still on track

Two prospective restaurant tenants have pulled out of the Sawmill Crossing development, but one of those tenants has already been replaced, said Gordon Whiting, vice president of property management for Kaibab Industries.

Seminars teach the values of good sportsmanship

It wasn't many years ago the athletic field was deemed the perfect classroom for teaching the old-fashioned values of sportsmanship, humility, sacrifice, character and camaraderie.

Lights, camera, action!

Part-time Payson couple videotape the stars

How does a couple relax after videotaping on location in the Valley for John McCain, Charles Schwab or daredevil Evel Knivel, or after videotaping burning autos at the Phoenix Fire Academy or would-be candidates for TV's "Survivor" series?

Teen blues players take on the nation

Gus Harless, a 19-year-old musician from Payson, is taking his talents on the road this month to try to win a national blues competition.

Dog day afternoon points to pricey cost of pet care


"Amber, what have you done?" I shriek as I walk into the dining room after returning home from a shopping trip.

Johnnie Hayhome

Johnnie M. "Big John" Hayhome, 54, of Tonto Basin, Ariz., died Sept. 5, 2000. He was born May 7, 1946, in Spokane, Wash.

New teen driver laws stricter, safer

Since July 18, Arizona teenagers have been required by law to be better prepared before they can be set free behind the wheel of a car.

Prayer inserted in public events ignores the sensibilities of others

Jesus would not pray publicly at a football game. He told his followers not to stand and pray at the street corners that they may be seen by men, but rather "when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret ..."

Committee keeping an eye on town government

The Citizens Awareness Committee is made up of citizens of Payson who want to stay informed of the issues and decisions being made for our town. Our mission is to inform the community of vital issues affecting the quality of life in Payson.

Motorcycles tearing up forest near Star Valley

The Forest Service should get its act together. It has closed Mormon Lake to off-road vehicles because it feels the terrain cannot take it anymore.

'Affordable' housing is the disease, not the cure

As a portion of the Town of Payson wrestles with the problem of "affordable" housing, it occurs to me that perhaps we are again concentrating on the disease, rather than the cure.

Nursing home neglect not an issue here

The article in The Rim Review by Matilda Charles, "Fighting neglect at the nursing home," is not, I believe, typical of the care in most nursing homes.

Council poised to tackle higher water rates, library construction

The water department's request for a water rate increase is back, and this time the Payson Town Council will be asked to make it official by passing a notice of intent to raise rates. The council will consider the issue during its regular meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday in Town Hall.

3 hurt in rollover accident

A Payson teenager was airlifted to the Valley for medical treatment after he was thrown from the back of a pickup truck that rolled over him Sunday afternoon on Doll Baby Road.

Some players shine, despite uneven net play

The Lady Longhorn varsity volleyball team won the consolation bracket championship as the team had its hands full last weekend battling with 17 other schools from around the state at the Payson Invitational.

Longhorns clobber Canyon State, 53-0

If Arizona Boys Ranch officials were hoping to erase all reminders of the beleaguered reform school by changing its name to Canyon State Academy last summer, they certainly accomplished their goals on the football field.

Freshmen triumph over Winslow

Wiley veteran Pete Greer has hooked up with rookie David Daniels to coach the Payson High School freshman football team to a 2-0 season's start.

Freshman runner is heart of the team

The roster addition of freshman running sensation Whitney Hardt has added a rock 'em sock 'em punch that could propel the Lady Longhorn cross country team to regional and state honors.

Young runners may lead them, cross country coach says

Payson High School boys' cross country track coach Chuck Hardt is scratching his head wondering where his squad will find the runners necessary to earn a team berth into the state championships Nov. 4 at Gilbert's Freestone Park.

Quinlan's soccer 1-1 after Chino Valley

The Payson High School boys soccer team is 1-1 in conference play and gained some much needed experience last weekend at the tournament in Chino Valley.

Saturday, September 9

Keeping track of the Olympics on the 'Net


Sixty years ago, "communication" was what happened on a party-line telephone, from a radio, in a "read all about it" newspaper or magazine, and in newsreel at the local movie theater.

A motto for all seasons


My home state of Michigan has a motto that I wince to even bring up: "If you seek a beautiful peninsula, look about you."

Elegant dishes for the fast-approaching holidays


Dana Jacobi, who writes "Something Different" for the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) has adapted a recipe by Rick Bayless, the chef whose two Mexican restaurants in Chicago offer true, regional Mexican cooking.

The mercury mines of Mount Ord


Did you live in the Rim Country before state route 87 was a divided highway? Then you remember coming down Slate Creek hill and driving through the Main Street of a ghost town called Goswick's Camp.

4-wheelin' in the Payson outback


As Art and Elaine Ferrance bounced around in the back of the truck like ice cubes in a blender, it might have seemed to the casual observer that they were not having the time of their lives.

Thursday, September 7

Motorcyclists doing real damage to forest

Referring to the homeless pair living in the forest, I think it is a shame that they were forced out. They are doing no harm, however, it's a shame what is happening in Houston Creek, Star Valley.

POW/MIA's Recognition Week Sept. 11-17

Just wanted to share a reminder of our observance and recognition regarding flying the POW/MIA flag on POW/MIA Recognition Day, Sept. 15. We invite the community to honor the State of Arizona POW/MIA Recognition Week of Sept. 11 through (Sept.) 17, sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars and its Ladies Auxiliary.

Price difference between Payson, Phoenix pumps 'unconscionable'

Driving down the Beeline Highway on my way to Scottsdale Sept. 3, I noted that Payson's cheapest gas was regular unleaded at $1.62 a gallon. I found the same grade of gas for $1.43 a gallon at a service station at Shea Boulevard and Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale.

Growth Management Initiative overthrows community control

I read the Citizens for Growth Management Initiative word for word. It made me sick. What a blatant disregard for our individual rights.

Last day for early voting; primary election Tuesday

Gila County voters have some important decisions to make when they head to the polls next Tuesday for Arizona's first open primary election.

Local boy climbs world's highest mountain

At the age of 12, Andy Sanders is not only older, he's wiser than when he was 11.

Council plans to raise water rates

The Payson Town Council indicated its support for a notice of intention to enact a $5 across-the-board increase in water rates and suggested additional increases will probably be necessary in the near future at a special meeting Tuesday.


Local actors bring Sioux legend to life

More than 80 people journeyed out to the Fossil Creek Llama Ranch at the west end of Strawberry Saturday to enjoy an unusual mixture of culture, drama and history. Guests were treated to a chili and corn chowder supper in the twilight of the day. As darkness approached, Indian flutes and drums called us up the hill. The focus of the night was the reading of a written-for-Broadway play, "Feathers and American Uprising," by Dennis Kizer.

Mavs football burnin' up scoreboard

The eighth-grade Rim Country Middle School Maverick football team started its season by bringing new meaning to the term "old-fashioned whoopin'" scoring over 50 points in each of their first two regular season games, mowing past the competition and bringing the Mavs to a 2-0 record thus far.

Guardian cited for endangerment

Cheryl Marie Cizerle of Phoenix has been cited for endangerment for allegedly allowing her disabled foster son to tumble undetected out of her pickup last week between Phoenix and Payson.

Track standout prepares for football season

Since its founding four years ago, the Tonto Apache Track and Field team has provided a shinning opportunity for tribe youngsters to showcase their skills at a very young age. It also has been a healthy athletic outlet during the spring and summer months when youth sports offerings are somewhat limited.

Roderick Monte Sr

Roderick Joseph Monte Sr, 80, of Payson, died Sept. 5, 2000, in Payson. He was born Feb. 7 1920, in Newark, N.J.

William Jump

William Jasper Jump, 86, of Tonto Basin, died Sept. 5, 2000, in Payson. He was born Jan. 1, 1914, in Jonesville, Ky. Mr. Jump was a sand blaster for a water treatment facility.

Parks and Recreation

Start to Finish: 5K training program

Want to compete in a 5K (3.1-mile) race? You can do it, one step at a time! Train now to Turkey Trot 5K Walk/Run this fall. The class, led by certified trainer Abby Kendall, meets each Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at Green Valley Park for 10 weeks, beginning Sept. 16 and ending on race day, Nov. 18. The cost is $40 per person, which includes:


Tess Johnson and her son, Freddie Jones, are homeless no more.

Maverick girls whip Wildcats in three innings

In last week's win against Joseph City, the Rim Country Middle School's seventh-grade Maverick's softball team gave a lesson to their opponents in humility, trouncing the JC Wildcat's 25-1, and doing it in just three innings.

PHS net squad falls to Round Valley Elks

The Payson High School volleyball teams endured tough losses on the road this week, but not before serving up one of the toughest volleys of the year for their Round Valley rivals.

Horns begin winning campaign

Freshman and jayvee victories over Safford Thursday evening coupled with the varsity team's win the following day left little doubt the Longhorn football program is in good hands under rookie head coach Mike Wheelis and his staff.

Mary Jo Scott

Mary Jo Scott, 42, of Flagstaff, Ariz., died Sept. 4, 2000, in Flagstaff. She was born Oct. 20, 1957, in Denver, Colo.

Monday, September 4

'Where are the marching moms?'

Million Moms, where are you?

Prop. 301: Raising sales tax to fund Arizona schools

Proposition 301 will be the last initiative listed on the November ballot, but it is a top priority among local educators.

Shop speeds up recalled tire trades

Big O Tires has cut the wait by up to five weeks for local owners of Ford Explorers and other vehicles who need to replace the recalled Firestone tires on their vehicles.

Council opts to keep town manager

Payson Town Manager Rich Underkofler is still looking for another job, but the Payson Town Council has told him he's welcome to stay on if he doesn't find one to his liking.

Plans scrapped for second theater

The old Wal-Mart building is out of the picture as far as future cinema showcases go, slashing the number of movie screens scheduled for Payson from 10 to six.

Labor Day softball draws thousands

Nearly 1,000 players, fans, families and friends arrived in the Rim country over the holiday weekend for the 20th annual Payson Labor Day Softball Tournament which featured hard-hitting action at Rumsey Park and the Payson High School ballfields.

Cinder squad finishes strong at Peaks

Competing with nearly 1,000 runners from 30 schools across Arizona, the Payson High School boys and girls cross country teams brought home medals and the knowledge that they are once again a force to be reckoned with.

Horns tame dogs, 22-6

With a 22-6 victory over Safford in the rear-view mirror and less-than-formidable Canyon State Academy in the headlights, the Longhorn football express could be motoring out to a 2-0 season's start.

Liberman will say anything to keep voters happy

Liberman, Gore's pick for vice president is now retracting some of his original beliefs simply for political reasons.

Stop politicians from manipulating political boundaries

The shameful twisting of political boundaries to favor incumbent politicians is a practice that will end if citizens vote yes on Proposition 106.

Out-of-towners welcome to help clean up trash

I would like to personally reply to Carol Collins of Phoenix concerning her opinion on "Trash and weeds ruining Payson's image."

Children 'may have the answer' to gun violence

I'd like to respond to Mr. Hamric's letter to the editor, "Gun Control Survey Uses Students as Shills." He states, "Kids of this age are too easily manipulated by the 'system' ... and are not yet mature enough to fully grasp the significance of the 'agenda' under which they are taught in the public education arena."

Limiting access to public gazebo restricts free speech

The new Green Valley Park gazebo (is) a nice addition to the park. Entertainers, musicians and local politicians all have access to its use if, that is, the Town fathers like you and what you have to say or play.

Election critical to shaping up sheriff's department

Hopefully this letter will give readers pause to consider the importance of the Gila County Sheriff's race and the primary election Sept. 12. Of course, one can "early vote" up to Sept. 8 by going to the assessor's office diagonally across from the post office. One cannot miss the signs.


True gifts of Grandparents Day given all year long

Grandparents, your very own "Day" is coming up Sunday. You didn't know you had one? Well, that's a grandparent for you. You're accustomed to watching the calendar for everybody else's special day, aren't you?

It's never too late to learn how to read

You start your day reading the newspaper. A quick look at your watch, and you realize you're running late.

Actor enjoyed brush with Hollywood bombshells

Hold your horses. We'll get to the story of how Duke Spencer came to be hugged, repeatedly, by Hollywood bombshell Raquel Welch in just a few minutes.


A look at death and dying in America

"Death transforms our living in ways that we, in this culture, do not understand," Kansas City pediatrician Bill Bartholome said. Sharing his story with journalist Bill Moyers, Bartholome said his response to terminal esophageal cancer was about six months of profound grief, followed by acceptance of his fate through meditation.

Police department on the lookout for volunteers

Payson police are looking for you if, that is, you are more than 15 years of age and have some time to spare to volunteer for the police department.

Four hurt, two flown to Scottsdale after rollover

A pickup truck traveling down Rainbow Road in Star Valley rolled Sunday afternoon, injuring the four unrestrained occupants.

Meadow Marie Chlarson

Meadow Marie Chlarson was born at 4:52 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2000, at Payson Regional Medical Center to Kevin and Patricia Chlarson.


Carter "Bud" and Lorraine Williams celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Sept. 2. They met in California while Bud was in the Navy, finishing 20 years. They moved to Payson 26 years ago.

Roscoe Ozanne

Roscoe R. Ozanne, 89, of Hobe Sound, Fla. died July 31, 2000, at Jupiter Medical Center, Jupiter, Fla. He was born June 22, 1911, in Elwood, Neb. Mr. Ozanne lived in Pine for 25 years before moving to Florida. Prior to his retirement he was a self-employed carpenter.

Show Low humiliated by 4A Buffs

The gridiron prestige of the 3A East (White Mountain) region took a pounding Saturday afternoon on the campus of Round Valley High School in Eagar.

Fire sparks truck tire explosions at Wal-Mart

Residents who live near the Wal-Mart Supercenter reported explosions Sunday evening that sounded like sonic booms.

Saturday, September 2

'Cheers' to Rim country concoctions


There's an old tune by singer/songwriter John Prine called "Yes, I Guess They Oughta Name a Drink After You."

Say 'cheese' for recipes that please


For the third consecutive year, the American Dairy Association (ADA) and nationally syndicated TV personality Mr. Food teamed up to challenge cheese lovers nationwide to create larger-than-life sandwiches that that are made with three domestic cheeses and served at least two people.

Keep track of those important dates


We're more likely to know the birthday of a favorite actor or musician, thanks to radio, television and newspapers, than the birthday of a cousin or grandmother.

Getting around in the square


When the Zane Grey Twirlers and the Pineberry Promenaders invited me to their Aloha dance, I jumped at the chance.

The Christian Rissers of Payson history


Risser is a name with a Payson tradition that dates from 1912, when Dr. Christian Risser III arrived to serve as the Rim country's first permanent resident physician.

Barnhardt Trail offers steady climb to the top


Rim Country Middle School teacher Ned Schall knows the twists, turns and angles of the Barnhardt Trail almost as well as his own back yard.