Children 'May Have The Answer' To Gun Violence


I'd like to respond to Mr. Hamric's letter to the editor, "Gun Control Survey Uses Students as Shills." He states, "Kids of this age are too easily manipulated by the 'system' ... and are not yet mature enough to fully grasp the significance of the 'agenda' under which they are taught in the public education arena."
Respectfully, I disagree.
It is far more likely that the children are expressing values and opinions expressed by their parents and are reacting to recent gun violence in our country's schools. Children in the United States today are witnesses to gun violence on a daily basis, whether through direct personal experiences or through the telling of such violence in the news. They may not be "mature enough" in your opinion, Mr. Hamric, but their feelings are real and deserve to be heard.
As for the NRA, I have no doubt that it will respond. It has the money needed to find the ideal demographic area for a similar survey. If it does, it will be sure that it gets the results that it wants from the same. Again, the answers given by any children surveyed would most likely mirror the values and opinions of their parents. Further, if (the NRA) does conduct such a survey, I have no doubt that we will hear about its results. I'm also certain that one could then find a newspaper that "touts" the results of the NRA survey.
Finally, it may just be that the children today have seen enough. They just may have the answer.
Susan Grubbs, Payson

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