Liberman Will Say Anything To Keep Voters Happy


Liberman, Gore's pick for vice president is now retracting some of his original beliefs simply for political reasons.

He revealed his true frame of mind when he retracted all that he had said about Clinton during the impeachment process. If you will remember, he said Clinton was, "shameful and a poor example for our children." He also called for sanctions against Clinton and considered impeachment. Now that he has been selected for vice president material he has retracted his statement by saying, "If I had been vice president with Clinton, at the time of his wrong doing, I would not have said what I did."

Go figure! What is different? Lieberman said what he did at the time because he thought his constituents wanted someone to make a stand against wrongdoing. Now it seems they really didn't care and he wants to just get elected. This proves he is willing to say anything to keep his voters happy.

And another thing, I know that down deep in his heart that he is against abortion, but he has been quiet about the subject. If he is the godly man that he claims to be, is he willing to have the pro-abortion advocates make the womb a tomb and to destroy what God has ordained to be his image? This is sacrilege done to God himself. So being a student of the Old Testament he should read Isa. 44:2 and Ps. 139:13 through 16 and then make a public statement on the subject.

James A. Lidia, Mesa

George "Spud" Henry, Cottonwood

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