Limiting Access To Public Gazebo Restricts Free Speech


The new Green Valley Park gazebo (is) a nice addition to the park. Entertainers, musicians and local politicians all have access to its use if, that is, the Town fathers like you and what you have to say or play.

What are they afraid of? Who cares if some fringe KKK clique reserves it for a hate speech hour, or a coven of devil worshipers want to preach some diatribe ritual. Who's going to pay any attention to them?

But Lord forbid a local church group (wants to use it) to put on a Christian musical celebration. Have we as citizens become so weak that we fear mere speech that we may not agree with? Will words or music adversely harm us? Was this facility not built with our community public bond tax money?

Do we the people no longer have the right in a public place to exercise our free speech? Are we willing to rescind that precious right (and allow) a few local officials to tell us who can and cannot use this public facility.

I choose to believe as an American (that) I will survive free speech at our park gazebo and be the better for it.

Don Evans, Payson

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