Out-Of-Towners Welcome To Help Clean Up Trash


I would like to personally reply to Carol Collins of Phoenix concerning her opinion on "Trash and weeds ruining Payson's image."

For the life of me, and many of us Payson residents, since when did we say that we wanted to be "a community that wants to attract population and business?" Furthermore going back to your (letter) if the trash is so easily rectified by utilizing a hoe or some spray, why aren't you up here helping us out? I cannot believe that you asked, "Won't someone clean this up?"

Obviously, you're not up here enough to see what the (town) workers and we residents do on a weekly basis (to clean up trash) from out-of-towners who come up and ruin our beautiful scenery every weekend. I cannot tell you how many times I have (gone out to ride) my Quad, only to ride back home for a trash bag to clean the abundance of trash that people haul in but do not haul out. As a Payson resident, I am sickened by people who don't respect Mother Nature.

As far as I'm concerned, if no one came up here again, it would be fine with me.

May I offer a bit of advice? Maybe if your family would decide where you would like to be full-time residents, you could help us out?

How about it? Won't you help clean this up?

L.A. Kruse, Payson

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