Stop Politicians From Manipulating Political Boundaries


The shameful twisting of political boundaries to favor incumbent politicians is a practice that will end if citizens vote yes on Proposition 106.

This initiative was conceived and written by members of the League of Women Voters and Common Cause. Arizona political history had shown us that when legislators draw the lines they protect only the interests of incumbents and the political parties. The interests of citizens and communities have not been considered in past mapping decisions.

The initiative is the result of a careful and lengthy study of how other states conduct political redistricting. Staff and members of the League of Women Voters and Common Cause studied the best and fairest processes used around the nation and then carefully developed the initiative text. The best election law experts from Arizona, including former Arizona State University Law School Dean Paul Bender, the Legislative Council of the State of Arizona, and legal experts from good government organizations around the country, reviewed the initiative text and recommended changes.

When the League of Women Voters of Arizona and Arizona Common Cause were satisfied that a fair initiative had been crafted and was ready to file so that signature gathering could begin, we went in search of people who could lead the political battle to get it passed. At that point, Grant Woods, Sue Gerard, Polly Rosenbaum and Jim Pederson were approached and they agreed to help. They have helped most generously, as have many others. Over a thousand volunteers helped circulate the petitions, so that we did not have to ask our financial supporters to hire as many petition circulators as otherwise would have been necessary.

While there are many measures on the ballot this November, most were placed there by the Legislature, unable to make its own tough decisions. Other ballot measures were placed there by corporations, or narrow special interest groups. Only three came from true community groups.

Of them all, Proposition 106 is the one that will fundamentally improve Arizona politics making it fairer for every candidate, every party, every citizen.

Ann Eschinger, President League of Women Voters of Arizona

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