Motorcyclists Doing Real Damage To Forest


Referring to the homeless pair living in the forest, I think it is a shame that they were forced out. They are doing no harm, however, it's a shame what is happening in Houston Creek, Star Valley.

Here, the forest is being destroyed by motorcyclists and the Forest Service refuses to do anything about it. The area has a "Road Closed" sign. Nevertheless, they have used a bulldozer to build a racing track. The neighbors have complained to the forest ranger, to no avail. A petition for a noise ordinance has not been answered. The sheriff is called, but as soon as the deputies depart, the riders are back harassing the neighbors and wildlife.

It is a shame that homeless people are forced to move from the forest while the ones doing the real harm (and) being public nuisances are allowed to do so again and again.

Victoria Borrell S., Payson

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