Price Difference Between Payson, Phoenix Pumps 'Unconscionable'


Driving down the Beeline Highway on my way to Scottsdale Sept. 3, I noted that Payson's cheapest gas was regular unleaded at $1.62 a gallon. I found the same grade of gas for $1.43 a gallon at a service station at Shea Boulevard and Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale.

I find it unconscionable that there is a 19-cent-a-gallon gas price differential between Payson and the Phoenix area.

Some in Payson believed that the Tonto Apache service station would have a moderating effect on Payson gas prices. Such naivete! The Indians' gas is not even the cheapest in town.

So much for the current politically-correct myth that Native Americans are inherently more noble and considerate than Eruo-Americans.

Otis M. Trimble, Payson

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