Committee Keeping An Eye On Town Government


The Citizens Awareness Committee is made up of citizens of Payson who want to stay informed of the issues and decisions being made for our town. Our mission is to inform the community of vital issues affecting the quality of life in Payson.

Less than one-third of the registered voters in Payson cast ballots in the last council and mayoral races. Voter apathy leads elected officials to think that the electorate doesn't care how they run our town. The results of this attitude can be disastrous. Our votes are important.

Do you know, or care, how much of our money is being spent on town projects, or what projects are involved, benefiting whom?

Are you aware that impact fees forgiven for special projects must be recovered in an equal amount through our taxes?

How much water do we have and how long will it last?

(The group's next meeting will be at 2 p.m. Monday, Sept.25 in the Womans Club adjacent to the Payson Public Library.)

I think you will be better informed by hearing facts instead of fiction about what's up in Payson.

T.G. Neely, Chairman, Citizens Awareness Committee

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