Nursing Home Neglect Not An Issue Here


The article in The Rim Review by Matilda Charles, "Fighting neglect at the nursing home," is not, I believe, typical of the care in most nursing homes.

I am the director of nursing at Payson Care Center and know that my staff is very caring and is genuinely concerned about the care they give to the residents. In general, our residents are a part of our family and vice versa.

The nursing home industry is the most regulated industry in the nation. We are constantly under the eyes of the rules and regulations that govern our industry, and we work diligently to meet those requirements.

I agree that staffing can be a problem. However, adding even more regulation by mandating the amount of staff that is required is not going to bring into the nursing homes the kind of people who will properly care for the residents as they deserve to be cared for. Increasing funding and support for this industry, rather than regulating it out of existence, would greatly enhance the ability of organizations to hire and train the kind of staff that would be dedicated to caring and quality of care.

My staff is willing to work more than their scheduled work week in order to make sure our residents have everything that is possible to give them. Many of my staff (members) bring, on their own time, special treats to "their" residents. This is not a job to them. It is their belief that they can give something back to the people who have, in their lifetime, given to all of us. The staff takes pride in this work.

I am proud to work in the long-term care industry, I am proud to work with the staff at Payson Care Center, and I welcome and invite any and all to come and visit us.

Thank you for this opportunity to respond to the Rim Review article and to be able to tell the public in Payson that neglect is not an issue they need worry about in our facility.


Ellen Steward, Payson Care Center

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