Online Newspaper Makes Reader Feel At Home


My name is Sarah Parsons. I grew up in Payson and moved out to California in August '96. I come online and read the Roundup to catch up on the things that are going on in Payson. I really feel like I'm at home when I read it. I recently read about Tess and her son Freddie. I am so happy and proud that people all over offered them a place they can call their own so they can grow their own paradise. That goes to show that Payson isn't such a bad place and that people do care.

I also just had a baby June 17. Her name is Ashlynn Taylour. I want to someday come back to live in Payson. I have lots of family and friends there, and very fond memories. I just wanted to write you and say hello and that I appreciate all that is done to keep Payson a nice place. The Roundup is a vital part of it and is a nice thing to read two times a week.

Sarah Parsons, California

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