Un's Charter For Global Democracy A Dangerous Plan


I have a concern that I believe will affect all Americans. On Sept. 6, world leaders met in New York City for a special millennium summit to discuss replacing the United Nation's 50-year-old charter with the new charter for global democracy.

The charter has 12 points that reconstruct the UN in dangerous ways.

Consolidates all international agencies under UN control

Gives the UN authority to regulate transnational companies and financial institutions

Gives the UN power to tax all foreign exchange transactions and tax aircraft and shipping fuel

Abolishes the United States' veto power on the Security Council and bolsters UN authority to intervene in internal American conflicts

Establishes a permanent UN army

Makes registration of all arms mandatory and gives the UN authority to reduce the size of America's armed forces and cut U.S. military spending

Forces U.S. compliance to human rights treaties the Senate has not ratified

Strengthens the International Criminal Court and makes its jurisdiction compulsory

Establishes a global Environmental Protection Agency to protect the "global commons"

Creates an International Environmental Court to enforce treaties on the environment

Creates a commission to set limits on economic activity and allocate carbon emissions based on equal per-capita rights

Cancels all debts owed by third-world countries and calls for the reduction of poverty through massive, international social welfare programs to provide housing, education, health care and family planning.

Maurice Strong, co-chairman of the UN Commission on Global Governance, said, "It is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation states."

Please contact your senators immediately (and protest.)

Eulia Tullis, Payson

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