Main Street Vision Comes Into Focus


After years of idle talk, Main Street redevelopment is finally taking shape.

The Sawmill Crossing theater complex, which is expected to open on Main Street in early November, is brick-and-mortar evidence that business leaders think there's a future in revitalizing the community's past.

And the announcement today that Gollipops' owners are working with town leaders to relocate the candy factory and store to Main Street demonstrates the town's commitment to the effort.

Until recently, that commitment from our top leaders, which is essential to the success of the revitalization movement, amounted to little more than lip service during Womans Club luncheons.

But Mayor Ray Schum, Vice Mayor Dick Wolfe and a few behind-the-scenes staff members have changed all that. They've led the charge to turn Payson's struggling downtown area into a charming community focal point with shops, boutiques and restaurants fronted by wide, tree-lined streets and walkways.

Helping Gollipops relocate to Main Street is a smart move for a number of reasons.

Obviously, it keeps a growing and successful company in town, along with all the jobs it provides and the revenue it pumps into our economy. But the candy factory will bring the kind of small-town atmosphere to Main Street that town leaders want to develop.

The effort may be more vision than reality right now, but the progress they've made is quickly coming into focus.

Now it falls to us, the residents of this little burg, to make sure our leaders don't lose sight of this important project.

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