Off-Road Riders Spread Word To Be Respectful


This letter is in response to a letter published in the (Sept. 12) Roundup informing Payson residents and readers of the "travesty" occurring in Star Valley with off-road riders and a piece of Forest Service land at the end of Moonlight Drive. I felt it proper to give view from one of those riders.

The property itself is Forest Service land, thus, when individuals ride on this section, they are breaking no laws. This area has been used by families for more than 10 years as a safe place to ride. I taught three children how to ride responsibly at the "in and outs." My 8-year-old son now is one of the fastest 50-cc racers in Arizona, and we continue to ride there to test and prepare for races.

We have tried riding in other areas, but that is dangerous for the rider and other off-road riders, horseback riders, and hikers due to limited sight distance.

I do understand the noise factor would be upsetting to our family if we lived in the area. That is why the "in and out" riders have been policing themselves by limiting the number of bikes running at any one time. We have reduced the noise levels drastically.

In the many times we've ridden at the "in and outs," I have mostly seen families out enjoying a day together. I hope that is not a travesty. However, what I do find to be a true "travesty" is the person(s) trying to sabotage the riders by dumping nails everywhere. The individual(s) responsible are breaking the law and need to be informed that their actions could seriously injure a person. Blowing a tire while riding a motorcycle on gravel at high speed results in a crash. Could you live with the responsibility of an 8-year-old boy getting hurt like that?

I do know that all the riders would welcome working out a solution with homeowners to limit the noise instead of calling police, county officials and the Forest Service. I don't see why this and the issue of dumping nails cannot be resolved with neighborly communication. In the meantime, we will continue to police ourselves and spread the word to be respectful.

Ty Krehbiel, Star Valley

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