Condition Of Green Valley Park Deserves Attention



Green Valley Lake Park is a wonderful asset to the Town of Payson. People of all ages use it for a variety of activities. Unfortunately, it isn't being maintained in the same good condition as in the past.

While trash seems to be picked up from the grassy areas, it has been allowed to accumulate in the lake for days at a time bottles, cans, paper cups, etc. There are many areas where the grass has died out and weeds are invading. When the Canada geese are back in force, will we have to tiptoe on the sidewalks around the lakes for lack of someone to clean them daily?

By the time the Main Street Redevelopment Project becomes reality, the park could require considerable work and expense to restore it to the attraction it has been. Residents and visitors alike make good use of the park and enjoy it. Let's hope it gets the attention that it deserves.

Donna Adrian, Payson

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