Searching For A Noise Solution In Star Valley



Regarding the comments from Michelle Worth of Pine in the (Sept. 15) Roundup about noise, trash and motorcycles in Star Valley: I agree with her that the children need a place to have fun and ride their bikes.

I have written to the (Gila) County Supervisor, sheriff's office and forest ranger office explaining our concern about the noise, trash and dust created by motorbikes, ATVs and other recreational vehicles. All agree that a place is needed, but where and who is going to do it is another story. For your information, I have tapes of the noise and signatures of many of my neighbors on a petition for a noise ordinance.

I am still trying to work on a solution, however. In the meantime, if the children ride their motorbikes and ATVs in Pine, it wouldn't bother me at all.

Roberto A Sanchez, Star Valley

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