Vote For The Person, Not The Party



As we draw nearer to election time, I realize how important it is for voters to have information on people running for office.

We now have a legislature that often turns a deaf ear on what the people want. How many bills never get out of committee because the legislature does not agree with the proposed bill?

However, in defense of the voter, there is very little information printed about people running for local and state offices.

It also would be nice if we had a run-down on how the incumbents from our county voted on certain issues. I find myself not voting for (candidates) because I haven't the least idea who they are and what they stand for.

The Phoenix paper gives you reports of legislature voting, but usually just the ones in Maricopa County.

Voters sometimes forget that state and local elected officials have a much bigger impact on our daily lives than the federal government, even though we are fed much more information at the federal level than we are about our state and local officials.

Democracy only works well when the registered voter is well informed and votes for the person not the party. I am certain that most of us are inclined to vote for a person who belongs to the party that we believe in, but many, no matter their party, are not good legislators.

Peggy Freeman, Payson

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