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Many residents and visitors to the Rim country have become familiar with singer, songwriter and performer John Carpino, but few realize the huge number of songwriters from around the world who turn to John in hopes of capitalizing on the abundance of his musical knowledge, talent and natural gifts.

His well-received performances in local pubs and town gatherings have set many a toe to tapping and undoubtedly prompted more than one to say, "Oh I wish I could play like that."

But his reputation goes far beyond his performance abilities. His college degree in music education accentuates his natural talents and makes him highly sought after by songwriters across America and Europe.

"There's a guy who heads up a songwriters' group in Northern Ireland who really liked my sound and now sends me songs, sometimes 10 at a time," Carpino said. "He sends me his country music style songs which he sings with an Irish brogue like: Oh yur cheet'in harrrt."

Such songwriters send Carpino their lyrics, lead sheets or just simple home recordings hoping that he will produce demo tapes which they could use to market themselves to artists, recording studios and record producers. Carpino then takes these rough looks at what the songwriters were thinking, goes into his recording studio here in Payson and begins a process that reveals his truly amazing talents.

In just the past couple years, the number of such recordings which Carpino has helped produce is nearing an astounding 2,000, including over 100 to one songwriter alone.

"I get a lot of people who aren't the best pickers or singers in the world, so they go to people like myself who offer a songwriter demo service," he said.

He says the majority of recording requests which he receives are for country music style songs. When asked about some of the more unusual, Carpino said, "I did a song called 'Meadow Muffins' and I've even done a rap song once."

Although the look on his face when he mentioned recording a rap song lead this reporter to believe it was not his favorite musical format, Carpino invites the challenge which various formats have to offer. "I like challenges like that and I thrive on variety. I can make a well-written country song sound pretty darn stone-cold-country and I can put the punch behind a rock tune and even the rap thing was a great challenge" he said.

Carpino has also produced demos for a variety of other formats, including jazz. In addition, he says that while the majority of his business is for songwriters he also has produced a number of instrumental recordings as well.

The majority of his business comes from songwriters who make a simple home recording on a cassette tape and send it to him along with a lyric sheet.

"The more information about the song the feel and the direction the better," Carpino said. "That really helps me to capture the sound which the songwriter wants."

All he requires of his clients is a lyric sheet, although there is a small additional fee for him to write the music for your lyrics.

"I'm proud to say I think I do a good job of that," he said. "I get a real good feel for the lyrics, the direction the song is headed and I'm able to find the music that best captures the feel of the those words."

Carpino credits his college music education for his talent in that area.

The price of $65 covers your basic full band demo recording which includes bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, harmonica or whatever the recording and style lends itself to including male and female vocals.

Carpino also produces master recordings for his clients which are marketed as a finished product. "Prices vary depending on who I have to hire for various instruments," he said. "But I can generally keep it between $100 to $200 per song."

Although the prices are more than reasonable, the finished products which Carpino produces are of very high quality. "My studio is all state-of-the-art digital equipment and provides my customers with their choice of either compact disk, digital audio tape or standard tape formats for their finished product" he said.

If you've toyed with an original tune but never felt comfortable or confident enough to take it to the next level, John Carpino's Sound Check Productions can help make your musical dream a reality and you won't have to rob a bank to afford it. The same service he provides to you at an affordable cost is also being widely sought by ad agencies and businesses for commercial jingles.

Carpino is proud to say service is at the heart of his business focus.

"You're going to get a high quality product and if you don't like it," he said, "I'll work with you until you get the sound you're after."

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