Dirt Bikers Driving Around 'Road Closed' Sign


The sign says "road closed." Apparently this doesn't include dirt bikes, ATVs and the most recent addition to our noisy neighborhood, a sand rail.

I live at least a quarter mile away from the Forest Service's "Star Valley Dirt Track" and most days the noise is incredible. I cannot imagine what it must be like for those who reside on the south end of Starlight drive.

I also see the people coming and going from the dirt track drivers who are obviously under 16 years of age riding two and three per ATV, some dirt bikers in full protective equipment, a sand rail and a few trucks hauling trailers full of either ATVs or dirt bikes.

Never have I seen anyone hauling garbage out of there. In fact, if you go look at the site, there is garbage everywhere. Why the Forest Service allows this so near a riparian area Houston Creek is beyond me.

If the human residents are bothered by the destruction of the forest and the noise, imagine what the animals are experiencing. How come the Forest Service has not responded publicly on this subject? How can they quietly condone this destruction of the forest and so publicly condemn those folks living in the forest?

P.E. Hasty, Star Valley

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