Hey Mr. Vice President, What You Got For Me?


I cast my first vote in 1932 at the age of 22. As a dewy-eyed young person, I prepared for my vote by listening very carefully to every word and every promise made by the candidates in their campaign speeches.

As time went by, and I had listened to these promises ad nauseum, I learned not to depend totally on the candidates' words, but their records leading up to their run for office, and such things as character, honesty and integrity. Recently, after listening to the many plans Vice President Al Gore is "inventing" by the hour to reform Social Security, Medicare, Health and Welfare plus plans for everyone from cradle to grave it came to me that this man has been in the White House for almost eight years. What has he done to try to influence Congress to push through some of these programs to reform our lives? Rather than trying to get legislation passed on these bills, Al Gore went along with the concerted effort of the Clinton administration and the Democrats in Congress to vote down, or, in the president's case, veto any bill the Republican majority in the Congress put forward to reform these programs.

Why? So that in the 2000 election year they could point to this last Congress, the first Republican majority in 40 years, as a "do-nothing" Congress. Then Gore could campaign to push for legislation to reform these programs that should have been passed years ago.

In all my years, I have never witnessed so many bills either voted down by Congress or vetoed by the president. They all claimed the bills did not go far enough or gave some other lame excuse.

This man is solely trying to get votes by handing out goodies to each segment of this great country, made up of people of all nationalities, religions and a myriad of backgrounds. I am waiting for him to come up with something to please me I am a female, a senior citizen and English, Scotch-Irish and Swiss.

Hey, Al, whatchya got for me?

Kay Loftfield, Payson

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