Neighbor's Death An Awakening For Town


I am the neighbor who missed seeing Mr. Michael Kemmer around the neighborhood and, reported it last week to the Payson Police Department.

I've lived on Corral Drive for the last 20 years. I have seen a lot of families come and go. I have come to know many of them through barbecues, Christmas cards and just saying, hello.

Yes, Michael and his mom and dad were very private people. But over the last few years, he lost his dad and mom. How sad it was to watch, from a few doors down, that no one was there for him to celebrate their passing. Now I look a few doors down and am saddened that again no one is there.

My mother, before her passing told me, "Carol, you would be a lucky woman if you have five good friends who love and will remember you after you have died."I remember how we cared for our neighbors and friends back then. I wish that this could be an awaking for our town. Say hello to your neighbors. Take time to call and look out for one another. After all, we are still a small town.

Dearest Michael, rest in peace. Your friend was there, by your side all along. And now, he is also with you.

Goodbye, my friend and neighbor.

Carol Fagan, Payson

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