Take The High Road In Fire Board Election


Well, it's fire board election time again and in Mesa del (Caballo), that's pretty serious stuff. What do fire board members do? In brief, they take an oath before a judge and swear to uphold the laws of the state.

Then they meet regularly and determine how to allocate tax dollars to provide the best medical and fire protection possible for their district. They are not paid for their time or efforts, yet they are ultimately responsible for everything that pertains to the fire department.

As with any public office, people who wish to take on this important job have to run for election. That's where things can get a little sticky.

I'm flashing back to the last election, November 1998, when our streets were virtually littered with campaign posters and fliers. What should have been a clean and neighborly campaign turned into an emotional vortex that sucked neighbors into feelings of mistrust, suspicion and hostility. It was a shocking display that left destroyed relationships, legal battles and even physical illness in its wake.

Here we are now at Election 2000. The colorful campaign promises are once again adorning our roadsides, fences and telephone poles. Do we need to prepare ourselves for another emotional war? Why should we? I say let's behave like civilized adults and take the high road.

We all have to live here. I mean, how do you face somebody at the grocery store who has ripped you to shreds just to win a few votes?

I pray that we will not see a repeat of the last election and that people will think for themselves. After all, we're talking about voting for people who will collect our money then use it in a way that will entirely impact what kind of medical and fire emergency service we get when we dial 9-1-1. Come to think of it, that is pretty serious stuff.

Christy Walton, Payson

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