Conservative Views Not Shared By All Seniors


In response to the article featuring Ruby Finney, I would like to take exception to her claim to speak for all the senior citizens in the town of Payson. I am a senior and live in Payson, having moved into town full-time in 1993, the same year as Mrs. Finney, after owning a summer residence in the Rim country for 30 years.

According to Mrs. Finney, 50 percent of the people in town are retired.

She states that what the town council "is after is not what half the people want." I take strong exception to her speaking for me and many other seniors I know. To prove my point, the council was overwhelmingly elected last spring and Mrs. Finney was sorely defeated.

To say we don't require extra services from the community is a contradiction to our life in Payson. I hasten to remind her that the services of town merchants, educators, hospital personnel and store clerks, to name just a few, contribute to the general welfare of all of us. The services I have received here in the past 37 years, and continue to receive, are part of making my life in Payson not only comfortable but also secure.

I am glad that no one of Mrs. Finney's ilk was blocking the Beeline in 1993 when we both moved here.

Ruth Brown


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