Jim Hazel Is Clear Choice For County Attorney


I am writing to urge the voters of Payson to recognize that they finally have a choice when choosing the next Gila County attorney. Our choice is between Rim country resident Jim Hazel and Jerry DeRose.

To me the choice is clear. I will vote for Jim Hazel. Jim Hazel has committed to be a full-time county attorney. Mr. DeRose has spent much of his years in office as an officer for the highway patrol and at the same time drawing his county salary of $100,000. For that kind of money, we deserve a county attorney who will work full time to do his job.

From hearing Mr. Hazel speak, I know he will bring that commitment to the office. Mr. Hazel has the experience to be a successful county attorney.

Mr Hazel has been a prosecutor, ran a successful law practice and served as judge part time.

I know when he's elected, Mr. Hazel will put an end to the corruption in county government. Mr. Hazel will also make sure residents of northern Gila County will have a voice in county government.

I urge you to vote for Jim Hazel Nov. 7.

Donna L. Garrels, Payson

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