Hurray For Payson's Medical Professionals


How fortunate Payson-area residents are to have such fine medical services available. We hope they don't take them for granted because they aren't the usual case. Whatever Payson, the hospital and the medical community are doing to encourage their professionals to focus on excellent patient care, identify those factors and keep it up.

During the past month, my husband and I received the highest quality medical services from Dr. Robert Cuthbertson in Pine, Dr. Gary Cornette in Payson, the doctors, nurses, volunteers and technicians at the hospital and the office personnel of various clinics.

All along the way, we found well-trained individuals who sincerely care about their patients.

My husband and I have a good basis for evaluating the quality of medical care. We are senior citizens, and my father was a doctor of osteopathy. We lived in Phoenix for 30 years before retiring to a house in the woods.

Over the years, we have been treated with care, we've been treated with thinly veiled disdain, and I've been a victim of "the little old lady" treatment with little compassion shown for my dire illness.

We are fortunate indeed, to have such consistent, high-quality medical care available in our community, and we want to make sure it is recognized.

Naila and Carl Erwin, Starlight Pines

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