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Q: I heard that a student at Pine-Strawberry Elementary School compiled a "hit list" naming six classmates, and when school officials discovered the list, the student was suspended without any notification to the children's parents. Can you find out what happened?

A: Nothing at all happened, according to Kathe Ketchem, the school's principal and superintendent.

"I've heard that story, too, but it just didn't happen," she said. "I don't know where it came from. A couple of years ago we had a student write a note that had a list of names on it, and that student was given a long-term suspension. We're very careful about that kind of stuff.

"Our staff is so small that, if anything like that would have happened, I'd have heard about it. It didn't happen."

Q: What happened to the annual talent show that the Rim Civic Orchestra stages each year? Last year it was in February, and it's already April.

A: New director Greg Larkins said the orchestra is taking a one-year hiatus from the event, which is used to finance music camp scholarships. "We'll probably crank it up again next year, but this has been a year of changeover," he said. The orchestra, which currently has 45 members, welcomes new musicians. Those interested in joining can call Larkins at 474-5855, or just show up at the Payson High School band room at 7 p.m. Thursdays.

Q: Why doesn't the Sawmill Theatres show Christian-produced movies such as "Omega Code" and "Carman the Champion"?

A: "We'd love to show those films, but unfortunately, history has thus far shown that they just don't do any business," answers Brian Deveny, director of theater operations for the Sawmill cineplex.

"There was a recent (Christian) film called 'Left Behind' that was produced by a company called Cloud 10 Pictures. They did something I couldn't understand; they released the film on video first, in order to generate income to produce film prints for theaters ... That debuted on the gross sheets at No. 19. 'Carman the Champion' debuted at No. 20.

"If a film grosses under $2,000 in a week, that's pretty bad," Deveny said. "These films weren't even hitting the $1,500 mark. At that level, you just can't recoup your costs."

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