Wilcats Are Loved In Arizona And Payson


I would like to respond to Max Foster's (commentary) entitled "Wildcats won't find fans at ASU." That sounds about like the caliber of the ASU fans and alumni self-centered, prejudiced, egotistical and jealous. I won't categorize all A.S.U. fans and alumni in that way, but obviously Mr. Foster is one of them.

I lived in Tucson and followed the U of A Wildcat program for over 40 years. I disagree with Mr. Foster that we Wildcat fans are never behind ASU when they play any other team. Wrong! Again you put us all in a category that you want to exploit. I have something to say about the Arizona fans. They, U of A fans, are for Arizona no matter what team might be in the "Big Dance." From what you write, it sure doesn't sound like some of ASU's fans are for Arizona the state I mean.

And, talk about fans, I have attended a number of sports events at ASU and have found the fans to be utterly disgusting. The four-letter words they used were not just against U of A Wildcats, but other teams who were playing ASU. This shows their mentality is short of a good education in the English language and the use of it.

At the 2001 basketball tournament I rooted for USC, Stanford and Cal. After all, they are part of the Pac 10 program. Of course, when U of A played them I rooted for the Wildcats, but at the tournament I had enough "class" to want any Pac 10 team to win, if nothing more than to show the teams east of the Mississippi that there are other teams who can play good basketball. I wonder who Mr. Foster rooted for? Is he a staunch Arizonan? Or, is he only an ASU backer?

There are so many sports in Arizona that I find it hard to believe that any Arizonan isn't proud of the basketball program in Tucson.

As far as ASU's coach, he is a great person and coach. He just hasn't had the opportunity to get kids who play basketball as well as some other schools. Is the U of A's fault? Certainly not. I hope coach Evans finds a school that wants a good coach and will allow him to be the coach he could be.

(Mr. Foster), your mention of a T-shirt that says, "I'd rather be a Sun Devil and lost than to ever have been a Wildcat at all." That is your opinion. It's too bad you couldn't have stated a fact Wildcats are loved and appreciated in the state of Arizona and in Payson. Go Wildcats!

Clarys Boyle, Payson

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