Girls Basketball Team Deserves Recognition


I am writing this letter as a member of the eighth-grade girls basketball team. I would just like everyone to know that we work really hard and that our team is undefeated. I think our team, school, and our town should be proud and happy for the eighth-grade girls because beating a rival like the Snowflake Lobos and being the only team at RCMS this season to have won six out of six games are big accomplishments.

I would like to share our big accomplishment in the letter to the editor section because we never get mentioned in the sports section.

Tanya Davis, Eighth-grade girls basketball team member, Rim Country Middle School

Editor's note: The Roundup congratulates the eighth-grade girls basketball team on its outstanding season. Due to staffing problems, we weren't able to fully cover the team's winning efforts. That problem has been corrected, and we look forward to resuming normal coverage of the middle school teams and those team members who plan to continue their sporting endeavors at Payson High School.

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