Go Easy On Airport Expansion


I would like to express my opinion about airport expansion in Payson. I am not against growth here, but I would like to urge you to consider what this growth means for all the citizens of Payson and those of you who live here, too. I can only hope the growth will be kept to a minimum for as long as possible.

As you travel to Phoenix, you see the brown cloud that many of us moved here to escape. In the area of the airport, you can see it is the thickest. As the jets come and go, they add a visible layer to the brown air. Since the airport is in the center of that great valley, everyone who lives there gets to breathe the results. I can see the same thing happening here within 10 years with the advent of jet traffic in the middle of our town.

Payson seems to be growing as a playground for weekend Valley people. Expansion adds to that playground for a few people with planes and leaves the rest of us who live in Payson sitting in the wake.

Please take it easy on expansion for as long as possible, I know it's inevitable. Our million dollar view will be worth 25 cents soon enough.

Carl and Judy Fox, Payson

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