What's Up?


Q: I heard Payson Town Manager Rich Underkofler got a $10,000 raise. Is it true, and what will his salary be?

A: "Rich Underkofler has not gotten a raise as of yet," said Underkofler. A $10,000 raise for either Underkofler or his successor will, however, be included in the budget proposal for the next fiscal year. If approved, the town manager's salary will be about $85,000.

Q: I noticed signs in the ground all over town so many it looked like election time. It turns out they are signs for a furniture store. Are they allowed to stick them all over town like that?

A: No they aren't, said Ron Woolwine, maintenance supervisor at the Payson office of the Arizona Department of Transportation. "They are not allowed to put signs up in ADOT right of ways," Woolwine said. "We've been taking them down as fast as we can."

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