April 14, The Day The World Laughs With You


If you're one of those personality types who fail to find much amusement in anything, you may want to spend tomorrow locked in your room.

Otherwise, expect to guffaw.

Saturday, April 14, is International Moment of Laughter Day, when everyone on the planet is encouraged to give themselves permission to laugh in public.

Three years ago, a fellow with the unlikely name of Izzy Gesell a speaker and writer who describes himself as "America's Humorologist" somehow came to the attention of calendar publishers and convinced them to invite the world to engage in an officially designated day of fun.

As Reader's Digest has been telling us for years, laughter is indeed the best medicine.

"Laughter comes right after breathing as just about the healthiest thing you can do," he says on his Web site (www.izzyg.com).

To experience the healthful benefits of laughter, Gesell suggests that everyone celebrate the Third International Moment of Laughter Day by allowing themselves to:

laugh out loud at the funny cards in a greeting card shop.

call a friend to share a funny story.

get naked, look in the mirror and laugh.

buy a "laugh-box" in a joke shop and turn it on at work or at home.

show your baby pictures to someone who's never seen them.

think up your own way to get someone else to laugh with you.

If all else fails, laugh for no apparent reason at all.

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