Dancing Is A Good Old Payson Tradition


Regarding Jim Keyworth's recent (Rim Review) column in which he says dancing in Payson should be banned:C'mon, Jim, dancing in Payson has been going on here since there was a place and a band to dance to.

In the early days, the cowboys would work hard all week, wrestling ornery cattle, and then on Saturday nights, they would come into town to visit the Elk's bar and have a good time. They would often bring their wives and children along.

The women folk fixed up a potluck supper, and then, after the younger kids were put to sleep on the benches along the wall, they would all dance until dawn. Some of the older children would stay awake and watch to learn the steps.

Parents would often dance with their children, fathers with daughters and sons with their mothers.

I agree that it's like pulling teeth to get a husband out on the dance floor. Sometimes it takes the threat of being fed canned Spam for a week, or something equally drastic, but most husbands will give in and go out dining and dancing to please their wives. Sort of an exchange so he won't have such a hard time getting out to play poker with the boys once in awhile.

Dancing is fun, once you get the hang of it. Just watch the square dancers in action sometime. Try it, you might like it!

Our young people don't know the fun they are missing if they don't learn to dance. I hope it regains its popularity with the younger set one of these days.

In the meantime, please don't ban dancing some of us still enjoy it. I sure would, if I could. Sadly I am relegated to watching from the sidelines, but I enjoy that, too. I can still tap my toes to the music and sway in my chair. It wasn't too long ago that two of my grandchildren asked me to teach them to two-step. That was really fun!

Kay Loftfield, Payson

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