Ex-Probation Chief's 'Deal' A Disappointment


(I'm) thoroughly disgusted with our judicial system and (Gila) County Attorney Jim Hazel. He played right into felon Rocky Castaneda's hands. Castaneda stole big bucks from Gila County residents. Not only does he not have to serve jail time, but he doesn't have to make full restitution.

Wow, what a deal! It pays to be a felon. It makes one wonder about the moral values of those in the legal system.

I wonder what Castaneda did with all the money he stole? Those of us who voted for Jim Hazel won't make that mistake again. Gila County residents lost big time on this one in more ways than one.

Lara Megan O'Neil, Payson

Editor's note: Robert "Rocky" Castaneda is the former Gila County probation chief who was convicted of embezzling thousands of dollars from his department. When financial discrepancies were discovered in his department last fall, Castaneda resigned his position with the county. He was sentenced last month to 500 hours of community service and was ordered to pay $17,241.29 in restitution.

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