Main Street Gets Its Own Board Of Directors


The Main Street project finally has its own board of directors. And no one is happier about that slow-coming turn of events than Karen Greenspoon, the program's recently appointed coordinator.

"We have come up with a great board," Greenspoon said. The new appointees, will direct the activities of Main Street and act as an advisory board to the Town of Payson.

"We have to have a strong representation, so we went after people who are influential in the community, and who have expertise and can help us in certain areas such as bank and real estate representation," she said. "We succeeded very nicely."

Named to serve one-year terms on the board are Brent Cannon, president of Compass Bank; Sue McIntyre, contractor and owner of the Mogollon Grill; Jack Etter, owner of Main Street Paint; Larry Young, contractor and owner of Young and Burton Construction; Ron Miler, owner of Payson Sports; Glen Jones, manager of the Wal-Mart Supercenter; Tom Wadington, realtor with ERA Young Realty; John Landino, president of Success Dynamics; and Libby Leggett, manager of Palmer Architects.

The board's inaugural public meeting will take place at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 18, at the new Main Street office at 501 W. Main which is expected to be completed by this weekend.

At the meeting, Greenspoon said, a primary topic will be the formulation of four essential committees in the areas of promotion, design, economic restructuring and organization. Board members will serve as committee heads, working with volunteers from the community on the various committees.

In another Main Street Project development, a state resource team is expected to assemble in Payson during the first week of May to begin surveying Main Street and interviewing local business owners to determine their vision for the area.

Made up of state architects, representatives from the Arizona Department of Commerce and local government officials, the team will conduct 30 to 40 interviews to compile information to draft a design board. The resulting theme will be presented to the public along with written documentation of their findings.

Following completion of the design board, the Main Street board of directors will start working with the area's individual property owners.

For more information, call Greenspoon at 474-5242, extension 391.


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