Caring People Can Solve Local Cat Crisis


The Payson Humane Society is in the midst of a cat crisis. The society's tiny shelter on Main Street is housing more than 70 cuddly felines, many of which are on the short list to be euthanized.

On page 8B of today's Roundup you'll find pictures of nearly half the cats that urgently need homes. You'll find Spot, a shy 2-year-old; Mortiki, a good-natured 4-year-old; and Ben, a slightly shy 6-month-old who desperately need homes because they are scheduled to be euthanized first.

You'll find Buffy, a lovable 1-year-old male, Molly, a sweet-natured 8-month-old female and Cecil, a 6-month-old "sweetheart."

If you've been thinking about adopting a pet, now is a perfect time. But you must also consider the investments of time and effort that cat ownership involves.

Your new cat will be a living, breathing, caring, cuddly, and fairly intelligent member of the family with many special needs and desires, not all of which are necessarily pleasant to fulfill. Make sure you're ready to make the life-long commitment pet ownership requires.

If you're thinking about adopting a cat, consider the following guidelines:

Never obtain a cat or other pet as a gift for someone else unless you are absolutely certain that the recipient really wants it and is able to care for it. Many a Christmas kitten is discarded in September when the "new" has worn off and kittenhood is no longer evident. Refrain from adopting a cat as a status symbol, or for any reason other than love. Neither you nor the cat will be happy in the long run.

When obtaining a cat, consider the following: Is it suitable for your lifestyle? Will it do well with other members of the household? Is it healthy? Is it friendly?

The staff at the Payson Humane Society will be more than happy to help you adopt the cat, or dog, that's just right for you. Stop by the shelter at 812 S. McLane and save the life of your new best friend.

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