Instinct To Survive Calls For Drastic Measures


This is my response to Ron Hamric's recent letter to the editor wherein he states that he sees "little difference between the motives of the illegal aliens and common thieves. Both are simply seeking to 'better themselves' at the expense of others."

How conveniently some of us forget that the Pilgrims in 1620 landed on the Atlantic Ocean shores of North America without permission from the Native Americans, the rightful owners of the land.

In fact, our early American settlers did exactly what Ron Hamric accuses the present-day illegal aliens of doing, such as landing in a foreign country without proper documentation and taking advantage of the resources and opportunities the new country offers.

The natural instinct to survive and better one's lot calls, at times, for drastic measures. In particular, we can mention the politically or religiously persecuted, or those who live in abject poverty. Can we forget the ones who die in the desert from exposure to the heat and lack of water? The boat people who cross oceans to escape their totalitarian governments? Elian Gonzalez's Cuban mother who drowned at sea not too far from American soil, seeking refuge for herself and her young son?

Frankly, I see their actions as courageous rather than as "common thieves" and every day count my blessings for living in our great country. I wonder what Ron Hamric would have done to save his family and himself from the harrowing experiences suffered by the Pilgrims and the present-day illegal aliens.

Mary Lou Lopez-Miller, Payson

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