Next Chamber Manager Could Make A World Of Difference


The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce is poised for an important change one we hope the chamber board will weigh carefully.

The resignation of chamber CEO Tom Kaleta gives the board a chance to choose a positive new leader for the Rim country's business community.

From all accounts, Mr. Kaleta is leaving the chamber in far better financial and organizational shape than he found it two and a half years ago. We hope the board will require Kaleta's replacement to build on that promising position.

But Mr. Kaleta also leaves in his wake a legacy of divisiveness that we sincerely hope his replacement will be able to overcome and heal.

We hope the board will not only seek out a leader who is financially savvy, forward thinking and politically sharp-minded, but one who possesses the grace, tact and will to rally the business community around economic causes that serve the greater community good.

We hope the board will encourage our next chamber manager to infuse chamber membership with tangible and intangible value.

We hope it will remind our next chamber manager to show appreciation for the chamber's talented and dedicated volunteers.

We hope the board will demand that its next manager work as an ally to the businesses and volunteer committees that form the backbone of the chamber and this community.

We appreciate each board member and recognize that they volunteer their time away from their own businesses and families to help keep our economy strong.

But when they take the time to make this decision, we hope they will settle for nothing less than a sharp, well-rounded leader who will build on Payson's considerable community assets.

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