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Q: What's the problem with those lazy people at Payson Parks and Recreation. It seems all they do is sit at their office by the lake, and they never go out and check for fishing licenses. What are we paying them for?

A: The short answer, according to town sources, is that taxpayers pay parks and recreation employees to maintain, operate and supervise Payson's parks and recreation programs.

Enforcing the urban fishing license program at Green Valley Park falls under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Q: Why did Payson High School Principal Phil Gille receive a one-year contract extension when all the other district principals received two-year extensions?

A: Neither Phil Gille nor Payson School Superintendent Herb Weissenfels would discuss the reasons behind the first contract, but Gille said he now has a two-year extension consistent with the contracts that were awarded to the district's other principals.

Gille, who's been the principal of Payson High School for 12 years, said something was going on but declined to elaborate.

"The governing board, in recognition of his service, felt he deserved a two-year contract," Weissenfels said.

Q: Mike Burkett wrote a great article about the new ScriptSave prescription discount plan, however there was no address, name or telephone number to contact in order to enroll. Would it be possible to find out how to subscribe to this new plan?

A: To reach ScriptSave a prescription discount service call customer service at (800) 262-7136.

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