Payson Doesn't Need A Slice Of Pie-In-The-Sky


Regarding the potential relocation of The Door Stop facility to Payson, some additional thoughts are:

Having owned a cabinet-making business in the past we also made doors I know the cabinet door business is quite competitive. I doubt manufacturing costs would be any less here, especially with additional increased raw material and end product freight costs.

Hourly average base wages of $12 an hour appear unrealistic. The bulk of door manufacturing labor is semi or unskilled.

If finishes are involved, environmental impacts must be explored/confirmed. Water-based, catalytic, lacquer and oil-based finishes fall into this category.

Space requirements for such an enterprise with 35 employees would be well-served with one acre of land for a building and parking. Five acres is ridiculous. Sell these folks one acre, giving progressive options on other acres to be exercised when the company lives up to its billing, and builds out to fill the first acre.

This proposal not only gives the company a chance to minimize its capital outlay, but also preserves the remaining property for other uses if the company doesn't need all five acres, which it never will.

The town should not "invest" either directly or indirectly in any enterprise until financial commitments are satisfied for prior agreements. In this case, there are none, so let the company perform first, then go from there.

Hopefully the town has done its homework and checked out the company's financials to the max. There's a lot of pie-in-the-sky around, and Payson doesn't need a slice of it.

J. B. Shevlin, Payson

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