Payson Residents Should Carry 'Community Checklist'


Every year, the National Trust for Historic Preservation selects 12 cities and towns across America as "picturesque, proud of their heritage, fun places to visit ..."

As the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce Board now selects a new manager, it might bear in mind the trust's selection criteria:

Well managed growth

A dynamic downtown

A commitment to historic preservation

Protected historic core and meaningful context

Interesting and attractive architecture

Cultural diversity

An economic base of locally owned businesses

Walk-ability for residents and visitors

The chamber board, the Payson Town Council and all area residents should, as they drive through Payson, carry this checklist with them. Ask yourselves, what part of the above criteria do we meet, and what can be done to bring about or improve those items that we are missing.

It should be noted that the first part of making a town a place where people want to visit, is to first make it a town that people are proud of and want to live in.

A town that meets the above criteria will survive simply on the needs and merits of its citizens. Because of this attitude of being independent of outside visitors, investments, and cultures, it will, in turn, draw to it those outside sources from which it can continue to grow and succeed.

Chuck Heron, Payson

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