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Library has top-shelf book buys


The best book buys in town can be found at the Payson Pubic Library. The staff is diligently culling books from the shelves to get ready for the library's long-awaited move to a bigger building in Rumsey Park. The Library Friends also are contributing books. Hardcovers are two for a $1, paperbacks are six for a $1 and the proceeds benefit the library.

The recent Mayor's Cup Chef's Competition co-sponsored by the Library Friends and the Payson Roundup, raised nearly $8,500, which will be used to help furnish the new library.

Terry's top ten

Adult fiction

"Out of the Night That Covers Me" (Pat Cunningham) Devoto returns to the 1950s as a boy. He boards a train on his way to a different life as America lurches toward the social upheaval of the Civil Rights movement.

"Girl With a Pearl Earring" (Tracy Chevalier) The real life artist Vermeer and a fictional nurse are brought to life in a jewel of a novel.

"Disobedience" (Jane Hamilton) A warm, humorous and poignant novel about a young man, his mother's e-mail, and the often surprising path of infidelity.

Adult non-fiction

"Your Life in Your Hands" (Jane Plant) A breathtaking personal odyssey that forces one to think differently about the causes of breast cancer. Indispensable reading.

"Food Allergy Cure" (Dr. Elden Cutler) Tips on how to test yourself to determine the allergies you have and simple techniques to begin an allergy-free life.

"An Hour Before Daylight" (Jimmy Carter) Jimmy Carter recreates his Depression Era boyhood on a Georgia farm, before the Civil Right movement changed it and the country.

Children's fiction

"Joey Piqza Loses Control" (Jack Gantos) A most absorbing novel for children. Joey is an impossible creation, like all great children's book heroes. When Joey meets his dad, Carter, for the first time in years, he meets a grown-up version of his old, hyperactive self.

"A Year Down Yonder" (Richard Peck) Masterfully interwoven tales of moonlit adventures, lovesick maidens and fools made to suffer in unusual and hilarious ways.

Children's non-fiction

"Ten Queens" (Milton Meltzer) From the courage and beauty of Esther (5th century B.C), the fierce battle tactics of Boudicca (A.D. 61), to the reforming spirit of Catherine the Great (1729-1796), here are essays about the personal and political natures of 10 queens by an author who has been called "arguably the best writer of social history for children and adolescents ever."

"Grapes of Math" (Greg Tang) Techniques that have helped Tang creatively solve problems in most unexpected ways. Harry Brigg's vibrant and inviting illustrations create a perfect environment for lively and innovative math games.

Editor's note: Shelf Life, written by Library Friends of Payson member Carol Zebb, is a monthly column on library and Library Friends happenings. It appears in the Roundup the last Friday of every month, and features a list of the Payson Public Library's top-10 new book releases selected by the library's director, Terry Morris. The Library Friends of Payson is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money for the Payson Public Library and library services.

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