Taking Baths, Or Growing Tomatoes?


I found the article in Tuesday's paper concerning water usage very interesting enough so I researched our water usage at home. We own a moderate home with three adults, a rose garden and a limited amount of irrigation. I would think we are rather average people who are neither overly concerned nor proactive in water conservation.

Buzz Walker stated that the per capita usage in Payson is 98 gallons per day, while our current household usage [billing average] is 51.7 gallons per day. This report seems not to separate commercial from residential. Do the commercial properties use the other 53 percent? It appears that our friendly government solution to a problem, as usual, is to punish the people it dominates.

According to the article, City Hall will raise the rates until it hurts enough that we will have to stop bathing in order to grow a few tomatoes.

In civics class, we were taught government is to serve, not dominate our lives. A government utility, as I understand it, is to pass along a service at no profit. A $20 a month increase in service to a family with an income of $200,000 is really going to hurt them, Mayor.

Want a good program? Let the 80-gallon-per-day user get his water free and charge a dollar a gallon for any usage over that. That will hurt them, boss. What are the commercial rates? What effort is made to help these folks conserve? Has any effort been made to isolate the heavy user and show them the error of their ways? Will City Hall go out and hire another consultant for a hundred grand or so to identify the problem? Is this another sham to bring in money for pet projects?

I guess it's just easier to punish the little guy the path of least resistance.

Jerry Clark, Payson

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