The Other Side Of The Merchant's Coin


This is a rebuttal to your April 3 student mail call "Give Teens a Chance" by Danielle Goebel.

As an employee of a local store, I have seen it all.

We have students who come in to buy and we have students who shoplift, plus a gambit of other students who run through the store on scooters playing chase to bouncing balls and throwing them and knocking merchandise off the shelves.

Students take the wheelchairs for the handicapped and have races or they run, pushing shopping carts in the parking lot and ride them to the street.

It seems students think the stores in town are amusement parks for their own amusement, when we really are a business that provides for the community, not a playground! We welcome responsible students, so next time you are in a store look at our side of the coin.

Dennis Bellemore, Payson

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