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Q: Why do they keep dumping hundreds of gallons of water over on Payson Parkway where they've been working on a well for several weeks now? If it's fresh water, isn't there a way to contain that and save it, and if it's contaminated water, isn't there a problem with letting it just run on the ground and contaminate our aquifers?

A: The well in question is one of those the town is rehabilitating and deepening, a process that has added considerably to the town's water capacity. The good news is that the well is one of the best in the area, and when finished will add another 300 gallons per minute to the town's water production. The bad news is the low volume of water the town is dealing with makes it difficult to contain, according to town hydrologist Mike Ploughe. Unfortunately, the spilled water is part of the process of drilling and cleaning up, Ploughe said.

"Technically, you're putting compressed air down at the bottom of a hole where a drill bit is. Rock cuttings are pushed up and out of the water, and some water inevitably comes along. This one has taken a while because the drilling has been hard, but we're just about done," Ploughe said.

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