Young Athletes May Be Key To State Win


With the East regional track and field championships set for Friday and Saturday in Lakeside, the Longhorns' goal is to qualify as many athletes as possible for the state meet one week later in Chandler.

The more athletes the Horns have May 11 and 12 at state, the better the chances are to win the Class 3A championship.

To earn a berth into the state games, athletes must finish among the top four in their events at the four regional (East, West, North and South) qualifiers held around the state.

Athletes can also earn berths during the regular season by surpassing certain event standards.

The Longhorns' success at state will undoubtedly hinge on the performances of some freshmen and sophomore team members on both the boys' and girls' teams. The points the aspiring young tracksters provide are usually the ones teams need for a run at state honors.

That's especially true in the case of the Lady Longhorns, who will be battling for a third consecutive state championship.

Fledgling PHS team members had the opportunity to prep for the upcoming regional and state finals at a freshmen/sophomore invitational held April 19 at Mingus High School. There, the Lady Horns proved they might have the stuff that wins championships by racking up an impressive meet-high point total of 162.

In the 10-team field, the Lady Horns outdueled Prescott (118), Flagstaff Sinagua (107), Page (101) and Flagstaff Coconino (98.5). What made Payson's victory even more impressive was the fact all those teams are Class 4A schools.

While the PHS boys didn't win the meet championship, it turned in a commendable third-place finish behind runner-up Page and champion Prescott.

The Horns tallied 133.5 points, Page had 135.5 and Prescott 141.

Results from Freshmen/Sophomore Invitational


Team Scores: 3rd, 133.50

4x800 Meter Relay Sophomore: Dustin Rogers, Brian Langeliers, Joe Behrens, Daniel Jacobs, 1st, 9:20.2.

110 Meter High Hurdles Freshman: Harley Taylor, 1st, 18.6.

110 Meter High Hurdles Sophomore:

Chris Donaldson, 2nd, 16.1.

100 Meter Dash Freshman: Mike Bella, 2nd, 12.5; Benny Hartnell, 7th, 13.7; Cort Connolly, 7th, 13.7.

1,600 Meter Run Freshman: Joe Behrens, 3rd, 5:15.0; Tanner Morgan, 9th, 5:38.0.

1,600 Meter Run Sophomore: Josh Dahm, 3rd, 5:08.0.

4,100 Meter Relay Sophomore: Will Gnagi, Mike Orosco, Martin Garcia, Josh Sprinkle, 3rd, 50.0

400 Meter Dash Freshman: Brian Langeliers, 7th, 1:05.8.

400 Meter Dash Sophomore: Will Gnagi, 4th, 57.3; Martin Garcia, 5th, 57.9; Matt McCarty, 8th, 1:01.0

300 Meter Low Hurdles Freshman: Harley Taylor, 3rd, 47.9.

800 Meter Run Freshman: Dustin Rogers, 1st, 2:18.7; Tanner Morgan, 9th, 2:42.2; Michael Closs, 10th, 2:44.1.

800 Meter Run Sophomore: Daniel Jacobs, 1st, 2:17.6; Josh Dahm, 4th, 2:42.4.

200 Meter Dash Freshman: Mike Bella, 6th, 27.4.

200 Meter Dash Sophomore: Martin Garcia, 6th, 27.1.

4x400 Meter Relay Sophomore: Chris Donaldson, Will Gnagi, Martin Garcia, Josh Sprinkle, 2nd, 3:55.6.

Shot-Put Freshman: Tyler Danielson, 5th, 28-6.

Shot-Put Sophomore: Lucas Schmidt, 7th, 32-9.25; John Cronin, 13th, 25-8.25.

Discus Freshman: Tyler Danielson, 2nd, 87-4.

Discus Sophomore: Lucas Schmidt, 2nd, 126-06.50; John Cronin, 13th, 77-3.50.

Long Jump Freshman: Tyler Danielson, 5th, 14-4; Benny Hartnell, 7th, 14-2.50; Michael Closs, 8th, 14-1.50; Tanner Morgan, 9th, 13-11.

Long Jump Sophomore: Josh Sprinkle, 5th, 14-10; Ryan Peters, 12th, 10-05.

High Jump Sophomore: Chris Donaldson, 5-6.

Triple Jump Sophomore: Josh Sprinkle, 3rd, 34-0.

Pole Vault Freshman: Michael Orozco, 3rd, 9-0.


Team Scores: 1st, 162.2

100 Meter High Hurdles Sophomore: Shaylyn McGee, 2nd, 17.5.

100 Meter Dash Freshman: Jana Knighton, 3rd, 13.3.

100 Meter Dash Sophomore: Vanessa McGlothin, 9th, 15.6.

1,600 Meter Run Sophomore: Ashli Herrera, 3rd, 6:36; Tawni Foster, 5th, 6:42.

400 Meter Dash Freshman: Whitney Hardt, 1st, 1:04.7; Jenny Cohen, 2nd, 1:06.7.

400 Meter Dash Sophomore: Brooke Bennett, 1st, 1:07.3

4x100 Meter Relay Sophomore: Vanessa McClothin, Jana Kaighton, Jenny Cohen, Shalyn McGee, 1st, 56.7.

400 Meter Dash Sophomore: Brooke Bennett, 1st, 1:07.3

800 Meter Run Sophomore: Ashli Herrera, 2nd, 2:45; Tawni Foster, 3rd, 2:46.

200 Meter Dash Freshman: Jana Knighton, 2nd, 29.6; Jenny Cohen, 4th, 30.5.

4x400 Meter Relay Sophomore: Shalynn McGee, Brooke Bennett, Whitney Hardt, Jenny Cohen, 1st, 4.00.

Shot-Put Freshman: Hillari Hardt, 1st, 39-06.50; Sasha Vaught, 11th, 20-03.50.

Shot-Put Sophomore: Kari Flake, 1st, 27-00.25; Kira Hillages, 5th, 24-01; Ashli Nissen, 6th, 18-02.50.

Discus Throw Freshman: Hillari Hardt, 1st, 85-05.50; Sasha Vaught, 9th, 62-06.

Discus Throw Sophomore: Kari Flake, 1st, 90-05.50; Kira Hillages, 4th, 71-07.50; Ashli Nissen, 6th, 63-00.50.

Long Jump Sophomore: Brooke Bennett, 1st, 14-02.

High Jump Sophomore: Vanessa McGlothin, 2nd, 4-00.

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