Rye Residents Turn Heroes



Nothing concerns people living along the Beeline Highway more than the thought of some irresponsible smoker tossing his (cigarette) butt out the window of his car this time of year.

That's what happened Thursday afternoon, evidently. While driving south very near Deer Creek Village where I reside my wife Connie and I observed a small fire in the dry, yellow grass along the edge of the pavement.

While dialing 911 on my phone, we attempted to stomp out the flames. This proved to be futile as the flames grew and the area of the fire spread.

Connie reminded me that Rye resident, Don Garvin, collects antique fire trucks. I phoned him, told him of the situation, and in a few minutes he and fellow Rye resident Bryant Randall pulled up in a beautiful, old red fire engine.

With Bryant manning the controls and Don on the hose, working like trained professionals, these heroes made short work of the growing inferno.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to these two gentleman and invite my fellow residents in Deer Creek, as well as anyone else who appreciates the unhesitating response of neighbor coming to the aid of neighbor, on their next visit to Rye, to show your appreciation to Rim country's newest heroes.

Jim Norman


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