Broken Mains Drain Mainly Down On Main


by Mike Burkett

roundup staff reporter

Two Payson water mains broke open over the weekend, including one that caused sufficient damage to force the temporary closure of Main Street's eastbound lane.

The Main Street break, which was called in to the Payson Water Department at 8 a.m. Saturday, involved a 12-inch water main near Meadow Street that was so badly split, the entire 20-foot section of pipe had to be replaced, according to water department field supervisor Mark Shewey.

"It took a little more time and caused a little more damage than usual," Shewey said. "We spent about seven-and-a-half hours replacing that section of pipe, whereas it usually takes about two or two-and-a-half hours. And because it was a 20-foot joint, it damaged that whole lane on Main Street, so we had to close it off to traffic."

At press time, the eastbound lane was still closed to traffic, but was expected to be reopened by Monday afternoon.

The cause of the break remains undetermined, Shewey said.

"We're still wondering about that. We couldn't find any real deflection problems (where pressure is put on the pipe from an external source). It could have been just all the moisture from the rain, or something that caused the road base or the pipe to settle."

The second break, which also occurred Saturday, spilled water into the intersection of Colcord and Frontier Street near the Payson Post Office.

"That one wasn't as bad it was just a six-inch line but it did put people out of water for a while," Shewey said. "We just had a small radius on the corner shut down for a little while. It was repaired in about an-hour-and-a-half.

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