Town's 'Positive Thinking' May Be Terribly Misguided



We have heard a great deal lately in Payson about positive thinking. I certainly agree that in the great majority of situations faced by individuals as well as by human institutions and communities, positive thinking is very much to be desired.

As I understand the current situation in Payson, water supply experts employed by our town government gave the town a maximum population figure that can be supported by the town's existing and foreseeable future water resources. At the town's current rate of growth, it appears that maximum figure will be reached in a matter, not of years, but of months.

It seems to me that what members of our current town council majority and their supporters want the residents of Payson to do is to ignore what the costly water supply experts told us, to support continuing rapid development and population growth as being in the best interest of the community and all its citizens, and to assume that whatever additional water is needed will be found, as if by magic.

What if all that "positive thinking" turns out to have been terribly misguided in view of the serious nature of the town's water situation and we find ourselves seeing treated sewage flowing from our faucets and our housing values going down the toilet?

I don't know how others feel, but that possibility scares me to death.

"Where there is no wisdom, the people perish!"

Otis Trimble


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