Q: On Pine Creek Canyon Road in Pine, someone has painted a round, white circle about three feet in diameter every quarter mile right down the center of the road. I asked the man from the gas company who was out there and he had no idea. I'm just curious who did it and why?

A: We thought for sure we were hot on the trail of a UFO, but no such luck. Gila County Project Manager Dan Olson suspected it might have something to do with an aerial mapping project the county retained an outside engineering firm to conduct.

Tetratch Project Manager Joe Alwin confirmed his suspicions.

"The dots are for an aerial flight taking place, hopefully, (Tuesday)," Alwin said. "We'll be producing topographic maps for the county that they can eventually use to design drainage and other improvements. The white dots are accuracy targets."

Q: Why doesn't the new hospital look like the old hospital? One is plaster and one is brick. It looks ridiculous.

A: The four-letter answer is "cost."

The original bricks were hand-poured, custom-made numbers.

"It would have cost us $600,000 more to duplicate them in the new addition," Payson Regional Medical Center CEO Russell Judd said. Instead, the hospital opted for a textured stucco appearance. "It would not have been fiscally responsible to go the other way."

Q: I have a number of guests coming for the rodeo, and I've heard conflicting reports about where it will take place Rumsey Park or the new rodeo grounds out of by the casino.

A: The old rodeo arena at Rumsey Park is just a memory. For the second year, the World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo will be held at Payson Event Center across from the casino.

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