Man Injured In 12-Foot Fall From Balcony


by Mike Burkett

roundup staff reporter

A Payson man fell 12 feet from the balcony of a home onto a concrete pad Wednesday evening, suffering possible head and internal injuries.

Steve Webb, 30, was taken by ambulance to the Payson Fire department station on Main Street, where a medical helicopter landed to pick up the patient for transport to the Scottsdale Healthcare-Osborn trauma center.

"All we know is that he fell from a balcony on the upper floor," said Payson Fire Marshal Jack Babb. "The fall was not witnessed, so we don't have any idea how it happened. But as he landed, the sound was heard, and some people who were in the area went over to him ... At this point, we don't even know how he landed whether it was on his head, his head and shoulders, back and shoulders. We just don't know."

Firefighters and paramedics, after being called to the 300 block of West Frontier Street at 7:42 p.m., immediately began treating Webb for spinal immobilization to prevent further injury, as well as attending to symptoms of shock that he was exhibiting. One of the first passersby to reach Webb indicated that he had been unconscious for about two minutes by the time firefighters arrived.

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